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Eroticon USA 2013

I am so happy that next week I will be attending the first ever Eroticon USA in Atlanta, GA! After an informal meet and greet on Friday evening, all day Saturday is filled with various workshops about blogging and writing erotica. Saturday evening will entail a live erotica reading. The event is wrapped up Sunday with a brunch. I haven’t been so excited about anything in a very long time! I’m most looking forward to meeting Molly and Harper! I will be sure to post all the details once I get back and have had a chance to collect my thoughts on the experience!


Being bisexual

Today is Bi Visibility Day. I am proudly bisexual (pansexual, really). This is why gay rights are so important to me. I am currently in a long term relationship with a man that I love dearly, but could have just as easily been a woman with whom I’d fallen in love. I’ve loved many women (and men) in my past. Bi Visibility Day is a thing because so many of us happen to be in seemingly heterosexual relationships that we “pass” or “blend,” that we’re considered invisible. We are often occused of availing ourselves of heterosexual privelege because of that. I shed my supposed invisibility and make my voice heard to fight proudly for rights for myself and all of my LGBT brothers and sisters. (copied today from my “normal” or “vanilla” everyday Facebook under my real name) (more…)

Mmmm… tentacles…

I’m posting this here because I want to share it with the world and I can’t post it on my regular FB. I drew this last night. It’s just a rough sketch now, but my first kinky painting it will be soon enough! :)

Fucking crabs…

Once it has been painted, it will be for sale and I’ll update this post.

Sinful Sunday – Hand and foot

Last night was an international Hitchin’ Bitches meeting. We linked up via webcam through Google Hangout with a couple of other chapters from around the globe. I’m not sure exactly which chapters we linked up with, but I know the Sydney group was represented. I think we may have been too distracted with our group to really watch a lot of what was going on with everyone else, but it was a cool and fun experience that I’m sure we’ll repeat. And I got to learn a new tie for my foot! :)

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Sinful Sunday – Bodies and Words

I had lots of different ideas for Molly’s Valentine’s Day competition today. Unfortunately, many of them were overly ambitious at this time. So I thought a simple image would work best.

In love there are two things – bodies and words. Joyce Carol Oates

A huge thank you to my love for his patience in making this happen. I love you, baby.

Although I feel that this photo turned out much better than it deserved to, as it was truly scrambled together at the last minute, I’m very pleased and proud to announce that IT WON!! I couldn’t be happier that, for once, the image I posted matched the image in my head and conveyed exactly what I was hoping to convey. Thank you very much to the judges, Molly, DomSigns, Kerry Stott, and Mr. Stott, for choosing me! I will be sure to make a post using the prizes once I’ve received them. :)

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