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Monthly Archive: July 2010

Backyard Bliss

The mid-afternoon air was hot and muggy when I opened the door from the bedroom out to the back deck. A light breeze cooled the sweat that instantly coated our naked bodies in a thin sheet of salty moisture. He reached around me and quickly squeezed my breasts before leaning down to kiss and nibble at my neck. As he pressed against me, I felt that his cock was already rigid with excitement at the business we were about to undertake. I giggled and pulled away to step gingerly across the deck. With my tender, bare feet I carefully avoided the relentless carpet of leaves, pine needles, cypress cones, and other tree shrapnel littering the boards.

Before I could reach the stairs, he gently pushed me against and over the rail so that I was looking down into the yard. My nipples and breasts were crushed against the rough wood and the sensation sent a gush of wetness to intermingle with the sweat already dripping down my legs. His fingers probed to test the wetness and find my clit. I moaned and shivered despite the heat outside.

“Patience, my love,” I panted at him. (more…)

Welcome. I’ve been waiting for you…

But not as much as you’ve been waiting for me. You just didn’t know it yet. 😉 It doesn’t look like much right at this moment, but this space is going to warm up fairly quickly once I get things going. You’re in for a fun ride. Thanks for joining me. I’m glad to have you along.

So, what can you expect to find here? There’s going to be some fiction and fantasy and some things drawn from real-life experience. I’ll let you decide which is which. And from time to time there may be photographic evidence from my play time. I plan to get very explicit. I’m an exhibitionist at heart. I like to share and bare all. You’ll be glad that I did.

For just a little while though, I’ll need your patience. I need to do some decorating to give this place some atmosphere, set the tone a bit. I may post a few things here and there, but it’s just for the sake of priming the pump. Once I’m up and running, though, there will be no stopping me. 😉

So stay tuned. Naughty things come to those who wait…


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