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Backyard Bliss

The mid-afternoon air was hot and muggy when I opened the door from the bedroom out to the back deck. A light breeze cooled the sweat that instantly coated our naked bodies in a thin sheet of salty moisture. He reached around me and quickly squeezed my breasts before leaning down to kiss and nibble at my neck. As he pressed against me, I felt that his cock was already rigid with excitement at the business we were about to undertake. I giggled and pulled away to step gingerly across the deck. With my tender, bare feet I carefully avoided the relentless carpet of leaves, pine needles, cypress cones, and other tree shrapnel littering the boards.

Before I could reach the stairs, he gently pushed me against and over the rail so that I was looking down into the yard. My nipples and breasts were crushed against the rough wood and the sensation sent a gush of wetness to intermingle with the sweat already dripping down my legs. His fingers probed to test the wetness and find my clit. I moaned and shivered despite the heat outside.

“Patience, my love,” I panted at him.

Holding the blanket in one hand and his hand in the other, I lead the way down the steps to our jungle-like backyard. The ground was squelchy and soft from the daily summer rainstorms, threatening to pull our feet below the surface. Dappled sunlight fell on the lush patch of ferns that would fill the roll of our love-making bed today.

I searched out a spot almost completely free of the cypress knees that dotted the backyard and spread out the blanket. As I bent over, he came up behind me and put his hands on my hips, pulling me toward him. His cock fit naturally between the cheeks of my ass, but pointed upward toward the small of my back. I teased him a bit by wiggling my ass around on his cock and then turned around and looked up into his eyes. His gaze was fiery and electric and I could see that he was barely restraining himself from throwing me down to have his way with me. I leaned up to kiss his lips and as I did so, he reached down to pinch my nipples roughly, stretching and twisting them slightly by the rings with which they were pierced. Again I moaned and shivered as he kissed me more urgently. His cock was bulging and throbbing against my lower belly, begging for attention. I wrapped my hand around his hardness and slowly stroked. Now it was his turn to shiver and pull away.

Grasping his hand for balance, I lowered myself to the blanket, feeling the ground and ferns soft below me. I laid all the way back until he towered above me. He surveyed me lying amongst the ferns for a moment but decided he could wait no longer. He knelt down, spreading my legs apart with his knees and moved to plunge his cock into my awaiting pussy.

I put my hand up to his chest to stop him. “Will you lick my pussy, please?” My clit throbbed excitedly at the mere thought.

Not one to deny such a request, especially in the given circumstances, he immediately slid down and put his mouth to my mound. My whole body shuddered before he even got there. Once his tongue touched my nether lips to part them, a loud gasp escaped me and the rest of my breath caught in my throat. He deftly discovered and lashed my clit, sending another round of convulsions all through my body. It wasn’t long before I was writhing on the blanket, my head thrashing in the ferns. I got brief glimpses of the world surrounding me as I was transported to the land of ecstasy by his cunnilingual skills: the back corner of the neighbors’ yard from which we were in full view; small swatches of sky visible through the myriad branches and trees above me; my precious ferns all dancing in the light breeze around me; and the top of his closely-cropped head between my thighs. Outside of my own cries of pleasure, I could hear birds singing and chirping, the wind blowing through the trees, and the constant, white-noise buzzing of the bugs in our little wilderness. It was almost complete sensory overload and I could feel myself wanting to explode.

Reading the waves of my body, my exclamations of passion and the tossing of my head, he knew that it was time to fully consummate. He released my engorged clit from his lips and moved up to match his hips with mine. With no resistance from me, he thrust his cock balls-deep into my cunt. Upon feeling him all the way inside and his pelvic bone pressing my swollen clit, I couldn’t contain my scream of the sweetest joy known and it seemed to echo throughout the woods. I reached my arms up behind is back to grab his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist to pull him further into me. He placed one hand at the small of my back to bring me even closer to him as he drove his cock into me again and again. The sweat was running down our bodies and we grunted like animals in the wild, fulfilling this carnal need.

Finally my pussy began to strongly convulse, squeezing and kneading him inside me. Spasms radiated from my clit as my body was wracked with my intense orgasm. Once he felt my snatch grab hold of him like a steel trap, he could no longer stall his own building explosion. His body tensed solid, his teeth gnashed and his face contorted to release a loud groan. Then I felt his cock shoot molten cum into my already hot chasm. Tremors overtook him and with each one he jack-hammered into me even more. He clamped his mouth to mine and our kiss was so passionate and desperate that we breathed through each other, winding our body tightly together. In this moment we are one being, melted into each other, slick with sweat and the combination of our own juices.

We came up for air as the convulsions subsided and we relaxed our limbs from their tight embrace. We both fell back to the blanket, still wrapped in each other. I shuddered again as his still-hard cock slid out of my drenched pussy. My head swam with the humidity and the leftovers of my powerful orgasm. My body quivered as aftershocks trembled through me. He kissed me again, slowly and sweetly this time.

At last our heartbeats and breath returned to normal. He stood and pulled me to my feet, my legs still shaky. I encircled my arms around his waist and held him, clinging for a moment to our freshest memory, knowing even then that it wouldn’t be long until our backyard adventure was repeated.

“Maybe next time we’ll bring some company,” he suggested and I smiled up at him, my heart racing once more.

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