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As smooth as a baby’s bottom

Saturday afternoon I got my first Brazilian wax. So there’s another first to knock off an ever-shortening list! I intended to go only as moral support for my best subbie girlfriends, but ended up getting one also. It was her treat, how could I say no?

I kept her distracted while she went first, making her laugh all the way through it. She was very good at feigning that there was no real pain. However, I really had no clue just how stoic she was being. Once she was finished and the waxer lady was cleaning off the remaining little bits of wax, K asked me if I wanted to do it. I was really nervous and hesitant, having seen how much hairier than she I was. Plus, I’m a big baby, to tell the truth. She assured me over and over that it really wasn’t that bad, so I acquiesced.

The waxer lady stepped out, and I quickly disrobed from the waist down and got up on the table. K took my spot on the stool in the corner. Moments later the lady returned and had me spread my legs, knees bent and laid flat with the soles of my feet touching. The frog position I is how I like to think of it. It’s not very comfortable, and I have bad hips, but the lady was so fast with K that I didn’t think it would be too bad. Boy was I wrong! I was absolutely correct in my assessment of my hirsuteness compared to K. Her waxing took maybe half an hour. Mine took almost an hour! The first parts weren’t so terrible. The wax was warm and felt really nice. But unfortunately, of course it wasn’t there for the purpose of me enjoying the sensation. The lady applied the wax, I got to feel the warmth, and then she was applying the paper and ripping the hair away. It was very bright, sting-y pain. And there were some parts, the really tender sensitive areas, that really felt like she was ripping my flesh off instead of just tearing the hair out. It was very hot, burn-y pain. But the good thing is that it was very quick and didn’t linger. After it was all done, I didn’t have any residual pain or discomfort at all.

It’s been 4 days and there hasn’t been any regrowth so far. Still very smooth. I love the smooth feeling, so I think I will try it again for sure. 🙂

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