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Pulling over

I spent this past weekend in Orlando with my best subbie girlfriend. I’m sad to say that it had been 3 1/2 years since the last time I’d visited. Especially since it’s only 2 hours away. Life just gets in the way sometimes, yanno? I used to drive down at least once a month. Back when I first started going to munches and play parties and then to visit my Mistress before She moved to California. I always looked forward to the drive down. And not only because I was on my way to visit Her.

See, I used to drive a really crappy car that would vibrate a bit when I drove. The boredom of being in a car by myself for two hours, combined with the vibrations from the road would generally make me feel pretty randy. I was always getting horny in the car, so I had a habit of driving with one foot up on the dash, giving me easy access to my pussy. I would often finger myself while driving. Unfortunately, however, I was rarely able to get myself off just from fingering. On one such trip, I stopped and bought a vibrator, which I kept in the car from that point on.

My favorite thing to do was to make sure I pulled up and drove next to someone while I was masturbating. Especially truckers. I absolutely love to be watched while I masturbate and am a complete exhibitionist in that aspect. Looking back, I know how dangerous that was, but that honestly just added to the thrill for me. There was one time when I was boxed in by 4 semis and they took turns rotating their positions around me. Such a bad girl I am.

Monday afternoon, I was making the same exact drive home and it wasn’t long before I was thinking back to the good ol’ days of my shows. It’s not as comfortable as it used to be, but I readjusted my seat and put my left foot up on my dash. I was wearing a skirt with no panties, so I pulled up my skirt to expose my super-smooth pussy. I could already feel the wetness dripping down between my legs and I hadn’t really done anything yet! At first I was just running my fingers over my mound, enjoying how smooth the skin is now. I like to lightly run my fingertips across my skin, almost tickling it. It makes me shiver and instantly juices me up. I reached down a bit further, tracing the cleft of my pussy lips. It wasn’t slick but I knew as soon as I parted my lips, the wetness would come gushing out. I just teased myself for a while, sometimes not touching for a few minutes. I couldn’t keep my hands away for very long, though.

Finally I slid one finger down between my lips, barely grazing my tingling clit. I gasped at how drenched I was and I felt it ooze down between the cheeks of my ass. I reached down further and plunged my finger in and it was nothing but wetness. Then I pulled my now-soaked finger back up to my clit and began teasing it, feeling it grow hard and hot under my touch. When I masturbate, I don’t really need to be rough or use very much pressure until the very end, when I am on the brink of orgasm. The miles flew by as I sped up I-95, cruise control locked, diddling my clit and moaning louder and louder. How I longed for my vibrator then!

I’d become very adept at driving while under this level of arousal, able to focus on all of the traffic around me and my throbbing pussy at the same time. I’m just very talented at multi-tasking that way. However, I was getting to the point where I just really needed to be free to use both hands because just one wasn’t cutting it anymore. At that exact moment, I saw precisely what I needed: a rest area. I sat up a little bit and made sure to change lanes safely so that I could pull over into the rest area.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and there weren’t very many cars in the parking lot. I went all the way to the very last spot and parked my car under a tree. The closest car was at least a dozen spaces away. There was nobody walking in the area. I was completely alone for at least 30 yards in any direction, although there was a custodian on an ATV facing in my direction changing trash bags. As I leaned back and put my right foot up on my center console to give myself full access to my pleading pussy, I wondered what would happened if he saw me and came over. I visualized him telling me that I couldn’t do that here, that I had to leave. I thought about him calling the cops to have me arrested for indecent exposure. But what really got me even more excited was imagining him standing outside my car watching me. Picturing his cock growing hard in his coveralls and him reaching down to adjust the bulge for temporary respite, only to retire to the men’s room where he could take care of his own problem. That was the finishing touch I needed.

With my right hand I mercilessly stroked and pushed down on my clit, creating more and more slick friction. My left hand was frantically fucking my pussy, shoving in and wiggling the first two fingers. I was panting, gasping, grunting, groaning, shivering and shuddering. Harder and faster and deeper and then at last my pussy clenched around my fingers. Juices spilled over my hands. My body convulsed and my eyes rolled back into my head. I yelled out as I was rocked with my orgasm.

I let my head fall to the headrest and my body relaxed. My sticky wet hands stay curled in my lap. My legs and pussy twitched in rhythm with my racing heartbeat. I waited for my breathing to return to normal. The warmth from my clit spread throughout my body and any stress I had just melted away.

After a minute or so I sat up, straightened my seat, put both feet on the floor where they belonged, and drove off. I headed in the direction of Publix, where I had to do some grocery shopping in a cloud of freshly-pleased pussy. I licked my fingers clean on the way.

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