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Monthly Archive: January 2012

Sinful Sunday – First and Last Flash

Sorry, I know this is late, but it’s still Sunday for us. 🙂 For about another hour and a half. So I’m squeaking this one in at the last minute.

I’ve been thinking about something to post this Sunday, and I haven’t had any good sexual adventures recently, so I’m digging something up from the vaults. WAY up from the vaults. I give you now the very first digital topless picture ever taken of me. It was taken on January 22, 1998 with my friend’s webcam.

Sinful Sunday – On the hood

We went out to a nightclub last night with another couple. It was supposed to be a seduction/fetish-themed night, so I was dressed on the slutty side in a short denim skirt with plaid pleats, black lace-top stockings, and fuck-me heels. The last couple of hours were spent drinking and shooting pool. Bending over the table and showing off my black ruffle-butt panties to everyone in the room made me extremely wet. As did my boyfriend sliding those panties down and off before we left the club. I masturbated furiously in the passenger seat on the way home.


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