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Delectable Diva – part 1

It began Monday evening when I said to my love, “As you know, tomorrow night, I will be seeing my Seth. Since the teenager is out of the house and you will be home alone, perhaps you should find a girl to entertain.”
“You know I won’t be able to do that,” he replied. “I’ll probably sit in front of the computer until I’m too bored to stay awake and then I’ll go to bed.”
The next morning, however, I received an email in which he tells me that he decided to test the waters anyway. Lo and behold, he chanced upon a lady who happened to be in town visiting relatives for the holiday and had a free evening. He linked me to her profile and for a few moments while I devoured every detail contained therein, I was sincerely disappointed that I would not be available to meet her that evening as well, because she seemed divine. I gave him my full blessing to go wherever the evening took them, only giving the rules that he must be protected and that I get all details later.
I went directly from work that afternoon to the hotel room I’d booked for myself and Seth, all the while thinking of what would be transpiring elsewhere with my love. Although my Seth was very sweet, eager and earnest, the details of my evening don’t bear repeating, as it was wholly unsatisfying and disappointing. I feel terrible for saying that, though, because it was through no fault of his. It’s just that he is very vanilla and my tastes are far kinkier these days. I’ve found that I’m far more interested in spice than sugar, which I didn’t fully realize until that night. I would never be able to tell him that, because I think it would break his heart. He may very well be the sweetest boy I’ve ever known and I would never do anything to intentionally hurt him.
Since I’d gone from work to the hotel room and then back to work the following morning, Ron and I did not get the chance to talk about the events of our separate evenings beyond the text he sent just after midnight: “I wore that bitch out! ;)” Instead we exchanged details via email:
to me:
You said you wanted details.
We met for dinner at 7:00 as planned. She had shrimp alfredo and I had stuffed flounder. It was pretty tasty. She can’t get hushpuppies in Berlin, so Gene’s wasn’t a bad choice. We made small talk about international travel, dating on OkCupid, FetLife, and what we do for a living – turns out she’s a singer who can do opera, ska/punk and swing.
After dinner we came back to the house to play Pirate Fluxx (turns out she loves to Fluxx). After three games of calling each other Captain and saying “arr matey” to draw extra cards, I asked if she wanted to play again or do something else. She said “That’s up to you, Captain.”
I asked her if she wanted to wrestle (she had mentioned it earlier during dinner) and she agreed.
I led her by the hand to the bedroom and we began making out standing at the foot of the bed. Before long however, we were rolling around on the bed, kissing, biting, sucking, and pulling at each others’ clothing. I had her naked first and pinned her down and fingered her to orgasm. Round one went to me. 🙂
When she recovered I allowed her to wrestle the rest of my clothes off. I fucked her face until she gagged, then put on a condom and entered her. I fucked her pussy deep and hard with one of her legs over my shoulder. We rolled around a bit and ended up doggy style with her watching my reflection until I came.
We rested for a bit. She got frisky again and started trying to tickle me. I wouldn’t have any of that! So I wrestled her into position and spanked her bare white ass into submission. Then I rolled her onto her back and fucked her again. She moaned and writhed underneath me as my cock reached deep inside her cunt, stimulating her where most cocks can’t reach. She came again (she later said that it was the first time she’s had a cervical orgasm from fucking). I came again.
More small talk while we rested. She started to get frisky again – provoking me by poking me in the sides. More making out. She asked me if I would take her from behind, so I obliged. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish, as I was a bit raw by this point. I went deep, and changed pace a few times, smacking her raw ass a few times for good measure, pushing her down into the mattress, ass up, head down. It took a while, but I finally finished – she didn’t seem to mind how long it took. 😉
After she came back from the bathroom, she flopped down and said “Congratulations, I’m exhausted!”
It was about midnight at this point, and time for her to go home (she had an appointment with her sister to do her hair at 10:00am). So she got dressed and we kissed goodnight at the front door.
to him:
Yeah, you definitely had WAY more fun than I did. I won’t even bore you with details.
to me:
Aww. I’m sorry baby. Did you have any fun at all? You at least got to enjoy being worshipped, right?
to him:
Fun? Meh, not really. He did worship me, but it wasn’t anywhere close to what you do. If you’ve ruined me for other men, I just don’t know what I’m going to do. 😛
to me:
I wasn’t aware that anything I do is ‘worship’. Hmm.
While I did intend to ruin you for other men in general, I didn’t mean to ruin *everything* for you with other men. 😉
to him:
Whether you intend to or not, your touch feels like worship and adoration.
I spent the rest of the day aching and horny, longing for the touch of his hands and his magnificent cock. Little did I know then just how much of both I would be getting later on!

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