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My gift to him

This entry was written by my former/sometimes submissive. He recently reposted it to his FetLife account after deleting it originally when our relationship ended. Reading it makes me feel divinely cruel and loving at the same time. We have remained friends, as we were friends long before we entered a D/s relationship, and this is posted with his permission.

As I returned home after departing my birthday dinner with my Mistress I hugged her tightly and got ready to settle down for the night. Suddenly my phone rang. My Mistress ordered me back to her car. Not sure what was going on I came to her driver side window as she told me to get back in. I took a deep breath and did as told looking to her curiously. 

As she left my house she started to tell me what a nice birthday gift it would be if I was made to touch myself for her on the beach for her. And that wasn’t all. How much more it would be if I was made to watch her do the same before I was allowed my gift.

Instantly my heart started racing and the nervousness that always leaps in these situations attacked full force. I started to feel very warm and sweating slightly. All the while her cock between my legs grew hard. Never before have I been made to do something in public like this. Never before have I been made to watch my Mistress touch herself in front of me.

We drove down a1a as I got more and more nervous. My heart pounding and her cock hard. We ended up at the pier and it was very dark out. No moon in sight and high tide seemed to be retreating. As she scouted the area I followed behind with shaky legs. Finally she decided that we would go onto the beach into the water and walk south to an area where there was exposed beach and rocks. As I followed she removed her pants and shirt and roamed into the water slightly as I stayed close to the sea wall.

Finally she decided on a large flat level rock for her spot. She spread out her pants to sit on and she ordered me to my knees before her in the sand. I did as told as my heart was beating fast and hard. My eyes darting around for anyone that may see or be coming. My fear of being found out was suddenly interrupted with her question. “Are you hard?” Before I could get out the words I feet her foot pressed against her cock between my legs. “Yes you are” she said and I became silent silent.

She pulled her new black panties to the side of her wet pussy. I knew cause I could smell and hear her touch. Followed by hearing her moans and her words to confirm the fact. I became frantic not knowing where to look. To look at my Mistress’s face and her moans, her hand playing with her clit, or around for someone that would catch us. She ordered me to pull my shorts to expose her property as she continued to play with herself.

I stayed still and on my knees with my hands behind my back holding onto the back of my shorts while she continued to touch and moan. She then told me to touch myself but I was not allowed to cum til she was done. I moved my right hand around and started to stroke. Moaning and stroking my left hand balanced myself on the rock as my body moved forward. Closer to her actions, scent, and sounds. I stroked hard while listening to her moans and sounds of fingers in wetness. I started to get carried away and had to stop touching as I wouldn’t be able to stop myself otherwise.

She took this time to reposition herself in a more comfortable reclining position and placed her legs spread in the air. Her feet against my body. I held to them not leaving a free hand to touch myself as she started again at a more furious pace. Evidently the change in position was much better for her pleasure as she rubbed and moaned harder. My breathing getting harder and my eyes looking less around and more to her hands and pussy I suddenly heard and felt her start to cum. Her feet pushing against me hard as her body shuddered. She suddenly stood and just said “finish”.

I started to stroke hard. My hand back on the rock to balance as suddenly her hand suddenly swiped fully across my face and mouth with all of the juices left from her pussy. Instantly the taste and smell overwhelmed me completely. All I could taste and smell was her as I stroked. She stood close next to me as I moaned loudly not caring if anyone could hear at that point. I came hard onto the rock and sand on my knees with my Mistress standing over me. Collapsing against the rock spent and head spinning all I could think of was how much I loved my Mistress and how lucky I am to be her slave.

Thinking about that night makes me so wet. I think I shall have to repeat the experience again sometime. His birthday is only a few months away…

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