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Wanton Wednesday – Dark Conference

I just realized that I could barely squeak this in for Wanton Wednesday.

Earlier today, I was listening to an amazingly delicious Climax by the always alluring Mia Lee. When it was over, I remembered a recording I’d made at work in December. I’m a big fan of the #workwank, but since I work in a cubicle amongst 24 other cubicles, I usually have to keep it down.

the cubicle farm where this slut is trapped all day
All of my team members are gone by 4pm, so that is usually the magic hour for me. However, it is quiet like a library or a vault and sound really carries. One evening while I was working late before the holidays, I decided to go into a dark conference room to make an audio recording of my wank.

Dark Conference

Posted in participation with Wanton Wednesday hosted by Dangerous Lilly.
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  1. Jack and Jill

    Mia Lee is so damned hot. And so are you. Thanks a bunch for sharing this exquisite bit of audio, one that we will enjoy frequently. We’ve already enjoyed it a few times tonight.

  2. His Girl

    You are so sexy. And so brave! I can’t even have a wank at home if the door is unlocked, even after I’ve announced to t I’m going to have a play! The fact that in my youth I was walked in on twice with icky consequences, I think, has something to do with this.

  3. Liza

    Audio was just fine my dear! Of course, there’s some weird background cracks and pops, but nothing terrible. I’m kind of impressed with the audio quality from a phone!

  4. Rachel

    Wow, you are very brave, not sure I could do this. OMG HAWT!

  5. Naughty Tashamber

    I just discovered this, and I must say, DAMN! that is hot. Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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