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TMI Tuesday – Blast from the Past

This week’s TMI Tuesday consist of questions pulled from various TMI Tuesday posts from the year 2010.  If you played with us back then and already answered these questions, feel free to reproduce your answers. It’s fine, there are a lot of new TMI Tuesday players. Of course, things have changed over time so you could give all new answers to the questions, too.

The link after the question, is the URL of the blogger that created that TMI Tuesday question(s).
November 23, 2010 â€“ Have you ever shared sleeping accommodations with someone of the opposite sex without anything steamy happening? (
Many times. In fact, I share a bed with my boyfriend every single night and I would say that on perhaps half of those, aside from a goodnight kiss, we don’t so much as touch each other at all. Neither of us can sleep while cuddling, so he sleeps on his side of our California King bed and I sleep on mine. Also, my best friend and I share a queen-sized air mattress once a year when we go camping at Bonnaroo.
November 9, 2010 â€“ When it comes to swinging or partner swapping, which would excite you more, watching or being watched? (
There is no real choice for me here, because I enjoy both equally. As long as I get to do everyone and watch everyone being done at some point, I’m happy! 🙂
November 2, 2010 â€“ Would you vote for a candidate caught in a sex scandal?
It really depends on what type of sex scandal it is. Getting a blowjob in the Oval Office? Meh, who cares. Unless you’re trying to outlaw sodomy (which oral sex is still considered in many places). Completely decrying any and all gay rights and then getting busted with your gay lover? No way. To a certain degree, what politicians do in their private lives is just that, their private lives. However, if said politician makes it his/her business to be all up in MY private life telling me what I can and can’t do? Then I have a big problem.
October 11, 2010 â€“ Do you masturbate to porn, and if so, what is your favorite genre?(
I do, on occasion. My favorites tend to be real women masturbating and getting off. I love women pleasuring themselves. I also prefer real, amateur porn (gay or straight) to anything with any level of professional production value. Sometimes I can really go for some serious gangbang action, particularly if big, black cocks are involved. Sometimes I like some serious BDSM. Occasionally I go for much harder, darker stuff. Truth be told, though, I really don’t watch very much porn at all these days. I find that I get much more from reading smut from my fellow bloggers. 🙂
September 7, 2010 â€“ What are three mistakes someone could make on the first date with you that would automatically make you turn down a second date with them?(
Wow, I’m so far out of the dating game that this question is really hard to answer. Even when I was in the dating game, I didn’t really do a lot of dating, per se. If anyone preached to me at all, that would definitely kick him/her out of the running, but I can’t imagine agreeing to a date with a religious person in the first place. And not that I would expect to talk about politics on the first date, but if someone completely ridiculed any of my political opinions or beliefs, he/she would be out the door. Also, expressing any sort of hate-based opinion would be immediate grounds for elimination. Again, I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t figure that out beforehand, though.
Bonus: Is your sex drive in park, neutral or over-drive. Explain.
My sex drive is always in over-drive. I’ve been a sexual person my whole life. Sex is my #1 interest and obsession. However, over the past year I really feel that things have really amped up quite a bit. If it was feasible, I would want to have sex multiple times each and every day. Or maybe even all day every day. 🙂 But I guess you have to make time for food, bathing and sleep sometimes. 😉 And work, if you’re not independently wealthy, hehe.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Jack and Jill

    Great answers! Your answer to the second question was really hot and exactly what we were hoping you’d say. Your answer to the sex scandal question makes us love you. Your answer to the porn question – damn it, why weren’t these things numbered? – is along the lines of my own; we prefer amateur stuff involving real people over pro stuff, though we also find ourselves getting off to sex blogs more than porn. It’s much more arousing for us to read something written by someone we’ve come to know and to whom we can relate. Your answer to the dating question is a lot like my own as well. I respect anyone’s opinion (well, tolerate it, maybe) even if it’s bullshit, but I’m not dating someone who espouses hateful views, or is my political opposite.


  2. KaziGrrl

    I was nodding along with most of your answers to these 😀

    ~Kazi xxx

  3. My Crazy Life

    Love the new format!!! Think I already knew most of these answers though. Love ya


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