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TMI Tuesday – Sex on Fire

This week’s TMI Tuesday questions focus on sexual desire.

1. Answer the question: What makes you hot?
Lots of things make me hot. Sexy women. Sexy men. The sounds of pleasure. Just about any part of His body touching mine. Someone who smells REALLY good. Certain songs with that really hot & thumpy bassline. Reading smut by my favorite bloggers. Being spanked, flogged, or waxed. Girls kissing girls and boys kissing boys. Everybody kissing everybody else. Sex. Thinking about sex. Giving oral pleasure.

2. What is it that you want, when you look at porn?
a. To feel happy
b. To learn
c. To relax, relieve tension
d. To orgasm
None of the above, really. When I watch porn, it is because I want to be entertained. Sometimes I may also want to be turned on, which could lead to an orgasm, but I never watch porn because I want to orgasm. If I want to orgasm, then I will have sex or masturbate.

3. You’ve been asked to be a part of a porn movie production. Which job will you do? Why did you select that?
a. The star of the porn film–Doug Hardwicke or Fachina Istite
b. The director–staging the scenes and directing the actors, lighting, camera shots, etc.
c. The fluffer–you’re in charge of keeping the actors “excited” about their work
d. The camera person getting all the tight, up in there, close shots
B. Without a doubt, I would want to be the director. Give me some hot players and I will create a hot scene that everyone will enjoy! While the thought of being part of the scenes does appeal to me, I know that professional porn can be very hard work and I’d rather fuck at my own pace, the way I want to. I wouldn’t be very good at following someone else’s direction. However, I think I would be very good at directing the action myself. 🙂
4. Right this very moment you are horny and are looking for a casual hookup for sex. Under which, of the following headings, would you place your ad?
(w=woman, m=man, t=transexual/transvestite)
w4m, m4w, m4m, w4w, t4m, m4t, w4t, t4w, t4mw, mw4t, mw4mw, mw4w, mw4m, w4mw, m4mw, w4ww, m4mm, ww4m mm4w m4ww, w4mm
Chances are that I would not be hooking up with anyone by myself, but if I were it would be W4W, probably, because I haven’t had any pussy is far too long. I’m starting to feel desperate! I just want to be able to dive in and not have to come up for air again until she taps out. Of course, if she has the energy to tap out, I’m not doing my job very well. 😉
5. From now on, ’til the end of time you will be able to experience sexual pleasure via a single method. From the list below, choose that method. Why did you make that choice?
a. Vaginal penetration
b. Anal penetration
c. Masturbation with your fingers/hand
d. Masturbation with a single favorite sex toy. What is the toy?
e. Being masturbated (e.g. fingered, hand-job) by the fingers/hands of another person
f. Body Touching from another–full body massage, caressing, kneading, licking, sucking, biting, etc but no insertion of anything in any orifices.
g. Oral sex
This is absolutely the worst question ever!!! That being said, I can say with full confidence that my answer would have to be A. because I absolutely would not be able to live if I could never again have His cock in my cunt. Nothing else in the world compares to that. <3

Bonus: What’s the sexiest thing you did this past weekend? Got any pics or a vid? ;p
Friday night when He was ready for bed, He took me by the hand to the bedroom and closed the door. Once we were there, He slipped the straps of my nightie off my shoulders so that it would fall to the floor. He then told me to undress Him. I started with His shoes and then worked my way from top to bottom. After I removed His underwear while down on my knees, He wrapped is fingers in my hair and moved my head to His cock. I gratefully and enthusiastically sucked His cock until He let me know He’d had enough by lifting me up by my hair and throwing me across the bed. He then fucked me hard until He came and filled my pussy with His cum, which then ran down my leg. After a kiss goodnight, I was told to go clean up and then allowed to stay up to work on my blog. 🙂


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Happy TMI Tuesday!


  1. Jack and Jill

    Interesting answer to #2. There are times when we’ve watched porn solely for the entertainment factor, usually with close friends and copious amounts of alcohol. Often with pizza. Hey, don’t judge us. 😉 Your bonus answer was really, really hot.

    We’d love to watch a porn film you directed. Actually, we kind of have already, haven’t we? 🙂

  2. BiLikesSciFi

    Your sexy weekend experience was very hot. Hmmmm I love to be treated that way! Its very hot.


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