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Question about TMI

Historically, this has been a sex blog. Recently, as you know, I haven’t been doing a lot of writing. It’s not because I haven’t been having sex. I just haven’t been writing about sex.

There have been a lot of things going on my life lately that have very little or nothing to do with sex. I have felt the want/need to write about those things, more than I have felt the need to write about sex. But I’m not writing about those, so I haven’t been writing about sex. I haven’t been writing at all, really.

I used to write a lot on LiveJournal, but haven’t really used that in a long time. I’ve considered creating another blog for non-sex-related posts. But since the mere thought of trying to maintain two blogs exhausts me, that’s not really an option.

Then I got to thinking, the name of my blog is “T is for TMI” and there are all sorts of TMI. It’s not just sexual. So I’ve been considering re-branding my blog just a bit, making it more of a mix in regards to content. I have always been all about TMI in my blogging, which is why the name is so perfect for me. I don’t have any problems with mixing the personal in with the, uh… really personal, if you know what I mean. 😉

My question to you, my dear, faithful readers, is how do you feel about that??? Is my personal, non-sex-related stuff TMI for you???


  1. His Girl

    You know I’ll always read and comment on what you write.
    That’s because I love you.
    Write away.

  2. Jack and Jill

    Not sure if my previous comment went through, as wi-fi in our vacation spot is sketchy, but essentially what we said was:

    While we associate you with non-stop hotness (and probably always will), we are very interested in reading about the non-sexual matters you mention. If you feel they’re worth sharing, then we’ll certainly find them worth reading. 🙂


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