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Sinful Sunday – Against the glass

This is not the post I had intended for today. I’ve been sick for the past week, so I haven’t been up to much that’s sinful. I had Blogger open with a picture that I took for Roland last weekend when I was out of town. Then Roland calls me into the kitchen because one of “our” barred owls was roosting in the tree next to the deck. He knows I never miss a chance to quietly watch these majestic creatures.
As I leaned against the sliding glass door watching the wildlife in my backyard—blue jays trying to run off the owl, squirrels frolicking in the branches, two downy woodpeckers chasing each other—Roland reached around and started playing with my nipples. I moaned and spread my fingers on the glass.

“I can smell your pussy,” he growls into my ear. When he reached down to finger my clit, he asked me why I was so wet. Since I’d been sick all week, I haven’t been in the mood but I was so ready now! I answered by grinding my pussy into his hand. He proceeded to finger me, swat my ass, and pull my nipples until I was writhing against the glass. Finally I heard the sound I’d been waiting for: his zipper and he pants dropping around his ankles.
No, I don’t do windows, why do you ask?

He fucked me like that against the glass until I felt as if my legs could no longer hold me up. He makes me weak in the knees even when I haven’t been sick, but combined with my lack of strength from illness, I thought I was going to fall down. When I lowered myself down the glass a bit, it made it possible for him to fuck me even deeper than before and brought him quickly to climax.
Fortunately, his phone was nearby to snap a pic that could be shared with you all. 🙂

Posted in participation with Sinful Sunday, hosted by Molly’s Daily Kiss.

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  1. Naughty Tashamber

    That would be a lovely sight to see through the window. 😉

  2. Roland

    Perhaps next time the house girl can take a pic from outside the glass. 😉

  3. Curvaceous Dee

    Not sure who’s luckier – the barreled owls, or Roland!

    xx Dee

  4. NymphetamineKiss

    Oh I love being naughty at a window… I think it’s the one way I can unleash my inner exhibitionist!

    Great shot 🙂

    NK x

  5. Molly

    I think this is a very beautiful image. I love the way it has emphasised the nip of your waist, left your tattoo as a glimmer of what it might be and also hinted at a whole possible world outside the window.


  6. KaziGrrl

    Not bad for having been sick!! LOL
    Beautiful shot 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  7. cliveskink

    Oh well shared – and what a delightfully spontaneous fucking – always the best 🙂

  8. Marie Rebelle

    A lovely photo and I too would have liked to see it from the other side 🙂

    Rebel xox

  9. Jack and Jill

    Sexy image – as if you take any other kind. You may not do windows, but we’d love to do you up against a window sometime. 😉

  10. this girl

    I love this photo, not graphic, but yet sooo hot.

  11. Mia

    This is just such and erotic picture on its own, but add the story behind it and OMG – HOT HOT HOT!!!

    ~Mia~ xx


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