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Monthly Archive: November 2012

TMI Tuesday – Famous or Forgotten

Thanks to an anonymous TMI Tuesday blog lurker for this week’s questions…Famous or Forgotten
For each question answered, an accompanying story would be entertaining. Delight us!

1. Have you ever had sex with someone famous or who later became famous, if only locally?
Yanno, fame is a funny thing. How is it defined? I would say having your name known by a certain percentage of the population would make you famous. And you can be very famous within a certain population but completely unknown out of it. With that being said…
I’ve had sex with several local musicians. Also a well-known (in his locale) theater actor/director, a published author, a published fantasy/game artist, and my Diva is a bona fide rock/opera/burlesque star in Germany.
Not to mention *myself*! I mean, this blog is read in 10 different countries across the globe, yanno. But I know my fame will eventually be spread beyond that, just you wait. And you can say you knew me when! 😉
2. In the spirit of Six Degrees of Separation, have you had sex with someone who had sex with someone who had sex with someone who . . . someone famous?
Oh yes, I am quite sure. Do I know specifics? Well, see my above answer. You can extrapolate for yourself. 
3. In the opposite direction, have you had sex with someone whose name you didn’t know?
I have known at least the first name (or a nickname) of every single person I’ve ever had sex with.
4. Someone whose name you knew then but have forgotten?
I recently decided to make a list of every person with whom I’d ever had any sexual contact. All the basic sex acts were counted: oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex, mutual masturbation. While compiling that list, there were a few people here and there that were forgotten, but they were eventually remembered. There are a few people on that list (which spans over 20 years, some of which were spent under the influence of various substances that hinder memory) whose names I have narrowed down to one or two similar names.
For instance, there was this one guy and I can’t remember for sure if his name was Darren or Derek. What makes that more difficult is that I specifically remember that his friend was the other name. (No, I didn’t fuck him, but my friend did. Her name is Tanya, to make things even more confusing.) I also specifically remember that he had a tattoo on his left shoulder of a hammerhead shark with a diving flag. We fucked twice. Once in the hot tub and once on the floor of his place.
Also, there is one guy who I only knew by the nickname of Scooby. It was a one night stand, and the only time I ever let myself be picked up by a customer when I was a bartender.
5. Someone who you suspect may have forgotten you?
While none of us like to think that we’ve been forgotten, considering my varied history and drunken one night stands, I am quite sure at I have been forgotten by at least a few. There is one friend in particular that I fucked twice. Both times we were completely obliterated. I remember almost nothing about the first time. He remembers almost nothing about the second time.
Bonus question: Someone you wish you could forget?
Nobody that I haven’t already forgotten. Just because I remember that I fucked him, doesn’t mean I remember anything about it. 


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Scientific Survey on Non-monogamy

For SCIENCE! This is a survey for anyone currently in (or interested in) a non-traditional, non-monogamous relationship. It’s completely confidential, and as an effort to get positive input and perspectives on poly/swinging/open relationships, I fully support taking this questionnaire.

Btw, this is the information on the back end of the survey. The credentials, so to speak:
Due to the personal nature of the questions being asked, you may have questions or concerns that you would like to discuss further. We have provided information about how to contact us below and encourage you to contact us should the need arise.
The primary investigators conducting this study:
Heath Schechinger, M.S., M.Ed.
Amy Moors, M.S.
The faculty advisor for this study:
Barbara Kerr, Ph.D.
Counseling services:
• Headquarters Counseling Center, available 24/7, free of charge, for any concern: (785) 841-2345. No charge.
• Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), Watkins Health Center, (785) 864-9580. Small fee per session.
To discuss your rights as a research participant:
Human Subjects Committee Lawrence, (785) 864-7429 or (785) 864-7385
Additional Nonmonogamy/Polyamory Resources:
• National Coalition for Sexual Freedom:
• Loving More:
• Alternatives to Marriage Project:
• Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance:

Sinful Sunday – Tied in blue

Tomorrow afternoon (today for anyone reading this now, I suppose) I have the privilege of visiting a charming house known as The Treehouse for a mass suspension event. I will most likely not be participating (never say never!), but I will definitely be watching and socializing. But the last time I was there, I did get involved with some rope…

X marks the spot!

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Sinful Sunday – Watching you watching me

I’ve been wanting to use this image for a while now, but something else has always superseded. As I’ve had no adventures this week, I think its time has finally come.

I see you. But what do you see?

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TMI Tuesday – Movember

During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.
Please participate in TMI Tuesday the next three Tuesdays–Nov. 6, 13 and 20 to help us raise awareness about Prostate Cancer. Come get anal as the questions will be prostate related.
Grab the TMI Tuesday button for Movember and display it with your TMI Tuesday post or for the entire month of November.
TMI Tuesday Blog
This week the questions, from, have a moustache theme and a request for you to join in, even if it’s just a little self checking.

1. Ladies…Have you ever kissed a man with a moustache?

Gentlemen… Have you ever had a moustache?
Did you like it?

I’ve had many men with mustaches. For the entire 6 years I have been with Roland, he has worn his facial hair in a Van Dyke beard. I love the way it looks, and I like that his face smells strongly of me after he eats my pussy. Yay for flavor savers! 😉

2. The say ‘putting on the beared’ means going down on a lady with a full bush. Do you prefer a bearded, trimmed or bald pussy?

I prefer bald pussy, just because I love the feel of smooth, freshly shaven skin. Also, I hate getting those little hairs in my teeth and throat! But neatly trimmed is fine as well. Truth be told, I do like to pet furry pussies. I’m pretty furry right now, and I like to rub my hand softly over my mound without pressing hard enough to actually touch my skin. It gives me tingles.

3. What’s your preferred style of ‘tashing on’? (snogging)

I am a big fan of a fully-engaged makeout session. Mouth to mouth, lips sealed, tongues  dancing and intertwined, breathing through each other.

4. When was the last time you cupped yours or anyone else’s testicles?

Last night! I try to make it a point to cup Roland’s balls as often as I can. 🙂

5. If you had a moustache what style would you be and why?

If I was a man, I’d probably go for a Van Dyke as well. I think it’s incredibly sexy!

Images for styles here:

If you want to get involved and raise awareness more on your blog or twitter join in here and win a gift set of prostate toys and accessories and £100 shopping voucher!

U.S. prizes and co petitions:

Sinful Sunday – Kill room

This week is the Sinful Sunday Halloween contest. Unfortunately, for one reason or other, I have been unable to participate in any of the previous contests. When Molly announced this one, I knew I couldn’t miss it!

Halloween is the only holiday I really celebrate, and I usually have a lot of fun with it. I had a lot of ideas right from the start. This actually wasn’t one of them. I actually got this idea after a party I attended last weekend. The theme was “A Night at the Asylum,” i.e. serial killers, killers and the criminally insane. I dressed as Annie Wilkes from Misery (with an ax, not a sledgehammer, staying true to the novel as opposed to the movie).
One of the hosts dressed as Dexter Morgan from the show Dexter (based on a series of novels). As an added bonus, they set up a “kill room” in their basement and took photos of each guest on the table with Dexter about to kill him/her. It was great fun.
So for my contest entry, I decided to set up a kill room of my own.

Roland, in the dining room, with a Hitachi…

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