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It’s a Porn-mas podcast gangbang!

Last Saturday afternoon I had the enormous pleasure of recording another podcast with the crew at Wholesome Addiction. The first time was great fun, but was easily topped this time. This time the guys and I were joined by Plumptious Pea and Bi and Bi. For two hours we laughed, sang, and sexed with each other verbally. I don’t think it’s possible for 6 different people in 6 different locales to have more fun than we did that day!

Listen to Wholesome Addiction, cast 48.
Download the mp3.
Links to things discussed in the cast.

Also, this is a great article about the podcast, written by MsQuote. I highly recommend it!

I look forward to future collaborations with these guys. We always have such a great time. Thanks for having me once again!

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