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Monthly Archive: February 2013

Sinful Sunday – On the couch

Last night, Roland and I ordered some pizza and wing, then spent a relaxing evening on the couch watching TNG starting with the first episode on Netflix. (That’s Star Trek: The Next Generation for those of you less geekily-inclined, which I know isn’t very many of you.) He and I haven’t been able to spend very much time together lately for various reasons, so it was good to just be in each other’s company. After we watched a few episodes, we got the chance to really connect with each other again.

Sinful Sunday – Bound

Ahhh, my fellow bloggers, I am finally coming out of the dark. I’ve done naught but post Sinful Sunday pics these past few weeks. I haven’t even been looking and commenting. My humblest apologies for that. I’ll be back to rights again very soon. In the meantime, as I get myself unwound emotionally and mentally, let me show you myself wound up physically.


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