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Sinful Sunday – Window at night

At the head of our bed is a large window. It looks out onto the woods behind our house. At night, it provides an excellent reflection.

I assure you I’m not headless.
Although I felt as if I was about to lose my head.

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Sinful Sunday – Watching you watching me

I’ve been wanting to use this image for a while now, but something else has always superseded. As I’ve had no adventures this week, I think its time has finally come.

I see you. But what do you see?

Posted in participation with Sinful Sunday, hosted by Molly’s Daily Kiss.
It was picked as one of the top 5 images in her weekly round up!

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The usual

It begins as it often does. I exit the bathroom after my nighttime toilette to find Roland lying uncovered on his side of the bed. His cock may or may not already be hard because he’s been stroking it while waiting for me. I pull my hair back with an elastic and crawl onto the bed. I may kiss him first, either just a peck or with more passion and duration. Most often, I go directly for his cock.

I either lie on my belly or sometimes I stay up on my knees, but rest on my elbows. I rarely use my hands. I just lean forward and slowly kiss the head of his cock before licking it gently and drawing it into my mouth. Roland likes slower, gentler blow jobs, not the kind you see in most pornos where it looks like she’s trying to yank his dick off. So I take my time, running my tongue along his shaft and around his glans, teasing with my teeth, and then sucking him into my mouth again.

As I’m sucking his cock, loving the feeling of it in my mouth (especially as it hardens), my pussy grows wet. If I am on my knees and elbows, I can sometimes feel it dripping and running down my thighs. Roland usually rubs my back or glides his fingertips over my skin, giving my gooseflesh and making me moan around his cock. Sometimes he will finger my pussy and play with my clit. When the sensations get too intense for him to do much more than focus on the pleasure my mouth is giving him, he will either put his hand on my ass and squeeze occasionally, or he will put his hand on the back of my neck to guide my rhythm and tempo.

Although I love having his cock in my mouth and especially love it when I am able to make him shoot his cum down my throat, nothing compares to having him in my pussy. So once I have him good and hard, all I can think about is fucking him. Without delay I remove one set of lips and get ready to replace them with another, hungrier set.

He knows what is next and is ready for me when I straddle him. He holds his ruler-straight cock so that it is pointing upward and I impale myself on him. No matter how wet I am, how ready, how much he has finger-fucked my cunt, that first moment of penetration always makes me gasp as if my hole has never been entered by finger or dick alike. Nothing compares to that initial contact.

I start very slowly, leaning forward with my chest almost touching his, and work myself up and down his cock. Both of us have our eyes closed, lost in the wonderful feeling of joining our bodies. Because of the length of his magnificent member, I can’t take it all right from the start. I have to work my way down, taking it inch by inch, going down further each time. Finally, with my upper body almost parallel to his, he is balls-deep in my cunt.

Now that he’s in fully in there, I can really start to ride him. I don’t sit up just yet because now is the perfect moment to kiss his full, sensuous lips or blow warmly in his ear or nibble on his neck. He loves those things as much as I do and I can feel his cock tense inside me when I do them. As payback he will lean up and take one of my nipples in his mouth to suck on and then bite gently. He is immediately rewarded with my moans and a gush of wetness around his cock.

I lean back now, feeling him pierce me so deeply it hurts. Rocking my hips pushes him even further into my cunt and I bite my lip against the pain. The pain that I crave more than any other. By this point my clit is throbbing and my skin feels warm all over. I lift myself and then slam back down against him, ramming his cock against my cervix. After a few strokes he lifts his hips to meet my thrusts and I cry out. He reaches up to knead my breasts and pinch and pull my nipples, softly at first but with increasing roughness and pressure.

When I really ride him and fuck him hard, sometimes the tension in the muscles causes my hips to freeze up. He recognizes and understands that, so without breaking stride or pulling out, he picks me up and flips me over on my back. Although the pain at times can be excruciating, I ignore it and spread my legs wide. Our eyes lock as he fucks me at his own pace and rhythm, taking full control from here.

He puts my legs where he wants them. Sometimes they are bent at the knees and pushed back. Sometimes they are extended straight out as wide as they can go. Sometimes he lifts my hips and puts my legs over his shoulders. Sometimes I wrap them around his waist and use my hands to grip his ass and pull him into me harder and harder. But one thing never changes: now that I am on my back, he is pounding into my g-spot and I very badly want to cum.

I reach down between my legs so that my fingers may find my engorged clit. It’s so sensitive that you’d think I would barely touch it and then explode in orgasm. Unfortunately for me, that is never the case. Very gently and lightly I use the moisture accumulated there to rub over the tip of my clit. My cunt contracts at the first touch. For the next several minutes I glide my finger over that one spot until I feel I am almost ready.

Reading my breathing, moans, and cries as if he wrote the book himself, Roland starts to fuck me even harder and deeper than before. When he sees me speed up and press down, he increases his speed as well. My eyes are closed and I am all sensation at this point, focusing all of my concentration on my clit. At last I open my eyes to look up into his.

At that moment, he says the exact words I need to hear. “Cum for me, slut.”

My whole body convulses and shudders as my cunt grips his cock with my orgasm. I writhe and moan and cry out. Every nerve ending on my body is alive and jumping. I have been holding my breath for an untold amount of time and now I gasp as if I am breaking the surface of the ocean after being submerged. My hips buck against him and then I feel him go rigid inside me. His cock pumps hot semen into my spasming cunt and he jerks against me, thrusting reflexively and causing me to cry out again as he jabs into my tender pussy.

For a few moments we are almost stuck together. My body is still quaking with aftershocks and his finally relaxes against me. The moment he withdraws sends shivers all over my body and triggers the biggest aftershock of all. He collapses down on the bed beside me.

Slowly we manage to catch our breath and our pulse calms down. At last he leans over to kiss me goodnight. We say ‘I love you’ and then each roll over, turn off our bedside lamps, and go to sleep.

TMI Tuesday – Let’s Go To Bed

It seems only natural that here at T is for TMI, I should participate in TMI Tuesday, so here I go!

TMI Tuesday this week was submitted by My Undercover Metamorphosis. Thank you! Show her some love, stop by her blog and say hello.

1. A friend is coming to have sex. There are 3 twin beds and an air mattress in the room. What do you do? (choose one)
a. Have sex where ever we land first, who needs a bed?
b. Have sex on a single twin mattress
c. Have sex on an air mattress
d. Or? (tell us your solution)

d. Chances are if someone is coming over for sex, I’ve already got where I want it planned out in my mind. I’ll probably meet him/her/them at the door, greet his/her/their lips with mine and start stripping our clothes as soon as we get in the door. 🙂

2. What is the oddest thing you have in your bedroom that someone would be surprised to find. Why is it there?
Well, it’s not really in the bedroom, but in a little room off to the side that we call the sunroom, but it’s one of those universal weight bench machine things. It’s not mine, it’s the man’s. And it’s there presumably because he’s going to use it. Although in the almost 4 years we’ve lived in the house, it was down in the garage until about a year ago when it got moved upstairs. I’ve been thinking about cleaning it up and trying to use it as bondage furniture, hehe.

3. What are your favorite sheets?
a. Flannel
b. Cotton
c. T-shirt cotton (jersey)
d. Satin

b. Probably cotton. Honestly I don’t have a lot of experience with any sheets BUT cotton. Here in Florida, it’s probably too warm year-round for flannel, and while I like the feel of jersey sheets, I think they stretch out too easily. Cotton is much easier to care for, especially since we need to wash our sheets often. 😉

4. Do you sleep with sheets tucked in or out? Why?
When he makes the bed, he always tucks the corners in and every time I get in the bed I have to kick them out. I can’t stand to have my feet all constricted under the covers. I usually sleep with one foot out from underneath the covers, also.

5. What is your usual bedtime? Why?
a.  8-10 pm
b. 10-12 midnight
c.  12-24
d. Whenever my eyes won’t stay open any longer
d. Ideally I want to go to bed between 10-11pm, but that rarely happens. I have a very strange relationship with sleep. When I’m not doing it, it’s the LAST thing I want to do. But when I’m doing it, it’s the ONLY thing I want to do. Consequently I will often sit up until my eyes feel like they are made of chalk and I can barely hold my head open. I have too many smutty blogs to read and too much to keep up with on Twitter to get to bed any earlier!!

5. Do you sleep with closet door(s) shut or open? Bedroom door shut or open? Any particular reason why?
The closet doors are always closed because if our cat is in the room, she likes to eat my flip-flops. Or any plastic she finds on the ground. And I have a hard enough time keeping cat hair off most of my clothes from just being in the house, so we try to keep her out of the closet to keep her from getting hair on the clothes directly. We sleep with the bedroom door closed most of the time also. To keep the cat out if she’s not in there and because my teenage sister lives with us. She’s 17, but I do at least try to be somewhat discreet about sex and our nudity.

6. Have you ever broken a bed or other furniture during sex?
Yes, many times. My previous bed was an oak 4-poster that was given to my ex-girlfriend and myself when we moved into our first apartment together. I think it had already been broken before, because we only had it a week before we broke it while having sex. I had that bed for about 2 years after she and I broke up, through 2 different boyfriends and I broke it at least a few times with each of them. Finally it couldn’t be fixed and I had to get a waterbed. My ex-girlfriend and I also broke the wooden futon we had before that 4-poster, now that I think about it. And I’ve broken a wicker papasan chair. 😀 Oh, and during a particularly wild threesome with one of my girlfriends and her boyfriend, we somehow managed to pull down his HUGE waterbed headboard/bookshelf on top of us. That was a little bit scary because it was REALLY heavy!

7. What’s your favorite type of bed for sex?
Honestly, I don’t know that I have even a shred of preference. I do remember that having sex in my waterbed was quite a workout, though! 😉

8. What do you sleep in?
a. Lingerie
b. Underwear
c. Day clothes
d. T-shirt
e. Nothing

e. Always naked. Even when it’s incredibly cold outside or someone else is sleeping in the bedroom with me. I’ve been sleeping naked since I was 13 years old. I cannot sleep very well if I have any clothing on at all.

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