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Epic weekend: How he broke me, part 1

Sometimes when you don’t know where to begin, you should just dive on in and let the narrative build around you. I’ve been wanting to write about this weekend ever since it happened over a month ago. It was beyond a doubt the best, most epic weekend of my life. Perhaps I’ve struggled with it because to finally put it all down in words would somehow diminish the greatness. So much occurred in the short span of a few days that it’s hard to capture it all. Some basic details… A night of karaoke and drunken debauchery, followed the next day by a posh 2-bedroom villa at a resort in Orlando, friends from near and far, the love of my life, my first limo ride, and a trip to a public dungeon…

Our weekend began Friday afternoon when Lucy picked up Alan from the train station and Tammy from the airport shortly thereafter. I met up with them at Cracker Barrel so we could all eat, and then went on a 3-hour long shopping spree. The part of sugar mama was played by Lucy for the weekend. Once we were all shopped out, we came back to my place to rest for a bit before getting ready for Fred’s karaoke birthday extravaganza. Our later dinner of Chinese take-out made us all fatted up and lazy, so we were slow getting ready. And by us/we, I of course mean me.

So we were late to the party but we hadn’t really missed much. The party didn’t start in earnest until we arrived. Many drinks were consumed and some amazing song renditions occurred. Standouts included Alan’s cover of “Dancing in the Dark” by The Boss, Fred totally rocking AC/DC’s “Big Balls”, and me vamping it up with “Sweet Transvestite” (accompanied by a sexy striptease from the birthday boy). The highlight for me was when my love gave the best performance of all… “Boyz in tha Hood” by Dynamite Hack. I literally fell to my knees before him. It was one of the greatest moments of my life up until that point. And illustrates perfectly one of the many reasons why I am so madly in love with him. He’s just so completely swoony!

Everyone but myself and 2 others were pretty thoroughly trashed by that point. Luckily I’d had had the foresight to stop drinking way earlier because someone had to drive. As it was, there was still one person from whom we practically had to steal her keys to get her not to drive. Then we had to figure out arrangements because we were technically short a car. The result was that Alan drove my drunken friend home and I ended up with a drunken orgy between Fred, Tammy, and Lucy in the backseat of my Jetta. Which was an incredible experience by itself. Just imagine live porn happening and you can listen but not watch. It was like a live episode of Sonic Erotica‘s Aural Voyeurism. Somehow I managed to get us safely back to my house.

Disappointing though it may seem, I was largely uninvolved in most of the debauchery that evening. While my love and I attempted to have some fun of our own with one of my lovely girlfriends, Jane, it was not meant to be that night. It had been a long, exhausting evening, so he and I were too tired to even attempt anything with each other instead. He quietly passed out while I took our girl home. By the time I made it back to my house, there was barely an hour left until sunrise. Fred & Lucy, upstairs in the loft, and Alan & Tammy, downstairs in the living room/office on an air mattress, had finally fucked themselves to sleep. I got undressed, crawled into bed, and was quickly asleep.

Being that I was up until almost sunrise, I slept until around noon. Lucy had taken Fred back to his truck at some point in the morning before I arose. As I mentioned, there had been a large amount of alcohol consumed by all but myself and Alan the night before and as such, everyone but the two of us was hungover. My poor Roland was in bed until almost 3 in the afternoon. Although we had a 2.5-hour road trip ahead of us that day, no one was really in much of a hurry to get going. We were all struggling to recover from the night before.

Sometime in the afternoon before Roland got out of bed, Tammy and Alan started feeling frisky again. Tammy took his hand and started to lead him up the stairs to the loft. I was sitting at my desk downstairs, mucking around the internet, trying desperately to secure my tickets to Bonnaroo. Due to heavy traffic, the ticket ordering page kept timing out before I could complete the transaction. Before she reached the foot of the stairs, I stopped her. “Why are you going upstairs? Are you shy all of a sudden? I don’t mind watching.” I motioned to the air mattress, mostly deflated, still lying in the middle of the floor. They looked at each other, stripped, and quickly got to it while I watched and Lucy sat nearby, doing her homework on her laptop.

I had been chatting with Jane online and mentioned what I was watching now. She was a little bit surprised when, after securing permission from the couple fucking on my floor, I asked if she and her husband, Clayton, wanted to watch on my webcam. Of course they readily agreed, although they both got too shy and embarrassed (or maybe it was hot and bothered) to watch for long. A few minutes later, Alan decided to get up to go grab his camera. Completely forgetting that I was working on a timed transaction, I took this opportunity to get on the floor and give Tammy’s pussy a good licking. She was just starting to moan and get into it when I remembered what I was supposed to be doing and had to jump back to my seat at the computer, apologizing profusely as I did. It mattered not because Alan had returned and slipped his big cock right back into the place where my tongue had just been, passing his camera to Lucy.

It was about that time that Roland finally emerged from the bedroom. I don’t know if it was the commotion that roused him or if he was finally feeling better. His only response to walking in on the decidedly hot live porn action happening in our living room was, “Well… okay then.” He carefully stepped around them and a seat as his computer desk, which was adjacent to mine. I think that might have been one distraction too many for them, or maybe they were still fucked out from the early morning hours, because they gave up and put their clothes on.

Eventually we did start to get the show on the road. Check-in for our villa was supposed to be at 3pm and there would be a limo arriving at 8pm to take us to the dungeon. Lucy, Tammy and Fred kind of collected and threw their stuff together into the car and left, opting to shower and refresh themselves once they arrived. Roland and I took our time showering and doing last-minute packing before we got on the road. We left about an hour and a half after everyone else did. After stopping to get dinner and some supplies for the weekend, we finally arrived at the villa just before 9pm. The last part of our group, Clayton and Jane, arrived shortly thereafter.

The 4th floor villa was pretty amazing. It was really more like an apartment than a hotel room and easily the nicest hotel room in which I’d ever stayed. It had a full kitchen, dining area, and living room. The screened balcony overlooked the pool. There were 2 bedrooms with full bathrooms in each, one with 2 full-sized beds and one with a king-sized bed. The bathroom in the master bedroom, which was mine and Roland’s for the weekend, also had a large Jacuzzi tub.

We were behind schedule, but the schedule was really just a suggestion. We had the limo reserved until the dungeon closed at 4am. Although Lucy was patiently waiting for everyone else, Tammy was still getting ready, so I didn’t feel like we had really been holding anyone up. I freshened up a bit, then put on my makeup, got dressed, and was ready to go. Jane was all set a few minutes later. At last the best part of our weekend was ready to begin!

This was my first limo ride and it has been booked for just that occasion. Lucy and I had been talking about getting down to Orlando to check out the Woodshed for ages, but it just hadn’t really worked out any other time. She had recently come into a little bit of money and wanted to treat us all to a good time. The limo was fully stocked with champagne, ice and glasses. As we got underway, we toasted to all the possibilities that the night had in store.

The 20-minute ride was long enough to both relax our nerves with champagne and also build up our excited anticipation. That feeling was only able to build further once we arrived and everyone had to hang out in the lobby to complete the membership applications, along with paying dues. One of the dungeon masters, a sprightly British gent going by the name Master Penguin, gave us a thorough explanation of the rules of the house before we were able to go through the door to the dungeon itself.

Continue on to part two.

Valentine’s surprises

Yes, I know Valentine’s Day was a few weeks ago, but I’ve been running a bit behind on things. I’m looking to get that resolved this week. So without further ado, let me tell you about all that my VDay had in store for me.

As a general rule, VDay isn’t usually a big deal for us. We aren’t a couple who buys a lot of gifts for each other because we’re not really into material things. We also don’t wait for one day a year to make each other feel special; we try to do that as often as possible for no reason other than to express how much we mean to each other. That’s not to say we absolutely don’t celebrate it. One year we went out to a nice, romantic dinner at a pricey fondue restaurant. The following year, after a casual mention of the fact that the B-52’s (one of my favorite bands) were coming to town, he surprised me with tickets to see them. I don’t remember at all what we did last year, although I think he probably made dinner for me.
This year I woke up not even realizing that it was VDay. I went along with my usual routine of getting out of bed and heading directly to the shower without giving it a single thought. When I was out of the shower and getting dressed, I’d bent over to pick up my shoes. He snuck up behind me, delivered several stinging smacks to my ass, and said “Happy Valentine’s Day, schmoopie!” (Yes, that’s what he really calls me and it makes me want to giggle with glee. I call him Big Poppa. hehe) At the time, that’s all I thought the day was going to entail. I got dressed, had my breakfast, and went to work.

For most of the day at work, I chatted online with my friend Luscious (no, that’s not her real name). She was going through some difficult times at home and needed a shoulder to cry on. I invited her to come over after I got home from work, which she insistently declined although I repeatedly offered. She said that she didn’t want to intrude upon our romantic evening. I assured her that there were no special plans to no avail. When I emailed Roland to verify that  he did not have any special plans and to see if he minded company, he replied cryptically. Something to the effect that if there were plans, having company wouldn’t necessarily affect them, he would just need to know as soon as possible. I was a bit surprised. At any rate, it didn’t matter because she said no.

Even though I had to work late, I still got home from work a little bit earlier than had been anticipated. As a result, I caught Roland in the middle of making dinner. He was making my favorite recipe, Publix Apron’s Party Chicken, along with some rice and broccoli (my favorite veggie). He poured me a glass of my favorite wine, Barefoot Moscato, while I waited for dinner to be ready. Once it was done, he and I sat at the table and enjoyed our meal together, discussing the day’s events. We finished dinner and went to our usual post-dinner stations: our computer desks (which are corner desks set up adjacent on one side, so we were next to each other).

After a bit, I had to go to the restroom. Upon entering our restroom I let out a loud squeal of delight as I discovered the gift he had left for me, a Winnie-the-Pooh Pillow Pet. I know he put it there because usually when I come home from work I have to pee and immediately go to the bathroom after our hello kisses. However, on this day I’d been home two hours before I had to go. I returned to my desk, snuggling Pooh and giggling like a little girl. He had a big smile on his face to see it. I cuddled Pooh for the rest of the night but what I didn’t know was that there were many more surprises yet to come!

It’s a pillow! It’s a Pooh! It’s a Pillow Pooh!

Tuesday is our day to catch up on The Walking Dead, so we went upstairs to the loft to watch with me still clinging tightly to Pooh. Since it’s only an hour-long show, usually after that we’ll watch a movie or go back downstairs to our computers, but it was starting to get late and we were tired. So we turned everything off and headed to the bedroom.

I went into the bathroom to complete my before-bed bathroom routine. Sometimes that can be a lengthy process, if Roland is already asleep and all I will be doing is going to bed and sleeping afterward. But with it being VDay, I was at least hoping to get some sex. So I made rather quick work of it. When I opened the bathroom door and stepped out into our bedroom, Roland had laid out on the end of the bed a small array of toys from my toybag: a paddle, 2 floggers, and a riding crop. I felt weak with excitement at the sight. And instantly wet. I looked up at him and smiled.

Without a word he undressed me and turned me around to face the wall. I folded my arms in front of my chest for support and leaned against it. My pussy quivered with anticipation. He did not keep me waiting but for a moment before he used the lightest flogger to begin lashing my back. It felt like soft caresses on my skin. It was a purple and black leather flogger with soft buckskin tails about 18″ long. He started off slowly, not having much confidence as he had never flogged me before. Although slow and methodical, he found his rhythm after only a few swings. My slightly nervous tension evaporated and I melted against the wall.

The buckskin flogger is really only heavy enough for a warm-up and he felt it. He laid it back on the bed and picked up the heavier black suede leather flogger with tails a few inches shorter. He tried a few test swings into the palm of his hand to get a feel for it and then took it to my back. This one is a good mix between between thuddy and stingy and I liked it a lot. With each hit, I felt the heat spread across my back and shoulders. For a complete novice, he was really doing a very nice job and I rewarded him with happy sighs and moans.

He had sufficiently worked my back so that he was ready to move on to his area of growing expertise, my ass. Still using the flogger he whipped across my cheeks from side to side. He changed directions and lashed from top to bottom with criss-crossed motions. He swung from underneath to get my undercheeks. Then he put the flogger aside and switched to the leather paddle with star-shaped cutouts, each smack harder than the last.

I was lost in the growing fire of my cheeks, which was getting painful enough that tears were gathering in the corners of my eyes. Next he decided to change to the crop, to give specific attention to my most tender spots.  My whimpers grew more urgent with each stinging contact. Throwing the crop to the side he started using his bare hand, the heaviest tool of them all. Each time he hit me, he gave a little grab and dragged his fingertips to increase the flames. I was so wet I felt it dripping from between my legs.

Either he sensed the wetness or could no longer restrain himself because he beating stopped and I heard his zipper. Before I even had the chance to gasp, his cock was rammed into my pussy. I was soaked and therefore there was no resistance and only the barest hint of friction. He pounded into me so hard that my face was banged against the wall. I could not contain my cries of pleasure.

I felt his hand in my hair at the nape of my neck. As soon as he curled his fingers and had a tight grasp, he used his grip to swing me around so that I was bent over the bed. My face was smothered in the bunched-up comforter at the foot of the bed and the discarded, now-forgotten toys pressed into my chest as he shoved his cock as deep as it could go. His heavy balls swung to throw more weight into each thrust.

Still not satisfied with our situation, he pulled back and stood me up. I have no idea when or how, but he had managed to lose all of his clothes by this point, save for his socks. He slid those off his feet and grabbed my hand. He led me to the back door of our bedroom, which leads out to the deck. My pulse quickened because there is not much that I enjoy more than being fucked outside. I just can’t decide if I enjoy it most in the warm, sunshiny daylight or the cool quiet of the night. Once we got outside, he did not stop but instead pulled me toward the steps leading down into the back yard. Again my excitement stepped up a notch because I imagined lying down in the ferns. He also did not stop once we got to the yard and continued to pull me further along until we reached the driveway. I thought my heart was going to explode.

We are the last house on our street and the road essentially dead ends in our driveway at the foot of a hill. This is where he parks his 1995 Ford Mustang. At the top of the hill is a streetlight that spills illumination down onto his car. He finally pushes me up against his trunk and forces me to bend over. We are in full view if our neighbors should decide to look out any of their side windows or if a stray car should make a wrong turn and venture down our street. Holding my upper body against the car, he did not waste any time shoving his rock-hard cock into my throbbing pussy.

After all of the buildup to get to this point, unfortunately he was not able to last for very much longer. Because we were trying to keep my pussy as fresh as possible for the upcoming epic weekend (a story to be told in a near future post), we had agreed that he would not be filling my cunt until after our trip. He jerked himself out of me, pointed his pulsing member at his car tire, and groaned as his body was overcome by a shudder while he began to shoot his load. Not wanting to waste his precious cum which I rarely get to swallow, I dropped down to my knees to catch it in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed every drop until there was none left to give.
When as I struggled to stand back up my legs were weak and rubbery beneath me, threatening to give out, so I kind of just collapsed my weight on the car for a moment.

Knowing I would need a bit of assistance, he came to me, gave me his arm to lean on, and escorted me back up the stairs to our bedroom. He closed the back door behind us and led me to the bed. I reclined on the bed, expecting that I would be able to rest and catch my breath. Much to my surprise he was still sporting an enormous erection. He is not one to be so eager for another go so quickly. We’d really had no downtime yet. He stood at the edge of the bed, spread my legs taking one on each side of his hips and entered me again.

This time was slower, more relaxed. He fucked me less urgently, taking time to alternately caress my face, fondle my breasts, suck on my nipples, and look into my eyes. For the first time since our playtime began, he gave me a long, sensual kiss. I moved further back so that he could climb onto the bed and on top of me. With him above me, I wrapped my legs around his waist and matched the rhythm of his thrusts by lifting my hips toward him. His face flushed bright red and I knew he was ready to cum again. He slid out of me and spewed hot cum onto my belly. Then he flopped down onto the bed next to me while I snagged a washcloth from the bedside nightstand to clean up.

After I tossed the used washcloth to the side, I rolled onto my side to face him. I was blown away to discover that his cock was still standing at attention. When I remarked on it and asked if he was still not done, he replied, “I guess not. Do you think you can handle any more?” I responded with a huge grin and got on all fours. That was the only answer he needed. He crawled around and kneeled behind me, pushing his cock once more into my aching cunt. Only a few minutes passed before I felt his body stiffen and he pulled out to shoot even more cum across my entire back. He leaned to grab the discarded washcloth and wiped it away before catching himself. “Damn, I should have taken a picture. You should have seen the way my jizz contrasted against the red of your back.”

That was enough to make him feel the need to plunge his cock into my cunt again, in hopes to recreate the shot. My whole body was shaking by then, and I have no idea how I was able to still able to hold myself up. I hate to admit the poor shape I am in, and while I have no complaints about his stamina or the length or frequency of our usual sessions, I was absolutely not used to fucking this long almost nonstop. Usually we go for anywhere from quickies lasting 15 minutes to longer bouts of 30-45 minutes. Not including the half hour of beatings, we’d been at it for at least an hour and a half. Yet he still wasn’t done!

At the exact moment that I was going to beg for mercy because I didn’t think I could take any more, he pulled back just enough that his cock was out of my snatch and rested it up against the crack of my ass, like a hot dog in a bun. His final load spilled out of his tip and ran down my cheeks. He wiped it away, leaving a slightly sticky feeling to my entire tender backside.

My poor old hips were locked from being held in this position for too long, which was the biggest agony of all. He gingerly rolled me off my knees and flipped me over to my back. Once on my back he had to grab my ankles one by one and pull each sharply to straighten my legs. Flat on my back at last, every part of my body felt twitchy and achy but the only thing I could complain about was the receding pain of my hips. I had not felt so sated in a long, long time. And I hadn’t even had a single orgasm the whole night. Honestly, I didn’t need one and I think it would’ve just been too much.

He could see that I could barely hold my eyes open by this time. I was wiped and completely blissed-out. He leaned over me and kissed me sweetly. “And I bet you thought that Pooh was going to be your biggest surprise tonight. Happy Valentine’s Day, schmoopie. I love you.” I was able to mumble out, “I love you, too, Big Poppa,” and with that, I was done. (However, he had not finished yet. He still managed to masturbate to one more orgasm after I’d passed out.)

Delectable Diva – finale

(If you’re behind, you want to go here for part one, here for part two, and here for part three)

We parted ways with Jane and headed to our vehicles. For the sake of time and just so I could be near her, I offered to ride with her in her truck rather than have her follow me and Roland in my car. The ride back to my house passed by in a flash as we do not live far from downtown where the club is located.

Upon entering our house, I was overcome by sudden shyness. Although we all had the same thing on our minds, sometimes it is incredibly hard for me to make the first move. I turned on some music and poured a glass of wine for myself and her, while Roland had a beer. She removed her shawl and sat in Roland’s computer chair, he sat on the fireplace hearth, and I sat on the floor a few feet from her. The atmosphere was slightly nervous and tense.

Not long had passed before I took a deep breath, threw back my wine, and crawled the short distance to her. I leaned up on my knees so that she and I were almost at eye level and I kissed her. That one kiss was all it took to break the ice and release our passions. Our lips locked and our arms encircled each other. We kissed long and deeply before coming up for air. I released her lips, tilted my head and leaned in further to blow lightly in her ear while gently taking her earlobe with my teeth. She shivered and sighed, beginning to melt against me as I lightly kissed, licked and nibbled down her neck from her ear to her collarbone to her chest.

What I wanted then was her lovely breasts. I wanted to caress and suck and bite. But first I had to free them from their exquisite bondage. I pulled Diva to her feet, only allowing my lips to leave her skin for long enough to remove her corset and skirt and mine. Then we stood, clasped together, breasts to breasts, mouth to mouth, with my hand entwined in her hair. I pulled away from her lips and honed in on her neck, one hand still in her hair while the other cupped her breast, causing her to moan. I captured her nipple with my fingers and gave it a few gentle tugs, gradually getting rougher as I gauged her response. She gasped and her moans grew louder, indicating that she enjoyed it.

I needed to have her at that moment. All of her. I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom. At the foot of the bed I kissed her again briefly and then pushed her down on the bed, not roughly but not gently either. As soon as she was reclined on the bed, I crawled on top of her, all but devouring her lips, her neck, her chest, her breasts. I was intoxicated by the light scent of her flesh. Her giggles and gasps and moans and sighs fueled my fire. I tasted every square inch of exposed skin and also nibbled and nipped my way down her stockinged legs.

Each time I grew close to the still-concealed fragrant warmth between her legs, I could barely contain myself. However, after I was assured that my Diva was fully warmed up, I stood up and slid off her panties. I was immediately assailed by her delicious aroma. I leaned forward and gave her dripping cunt a light blow, just to watch her body shiver. Then I teasingly dragged my finger through her wetness, barely parting her lips. A long slow sigh escaped her lips. I could hold back no longer.

I moved my head down between her legs within my tongue’s reach of her pussy and inhaled deeply. Every nerve in my body was dancing and the only thing that existed in the universe in that moment was her. I slowly extended my tongue, grazing her with the very tip. I slid myself forward an inch or two and gave out a second lick, and then a third, each more urgent than the last. Finally I moved close enough to fully lap her pussy from the bottom of her slit to the tip of her clit. Her whole body moved as if a wave. Once I gave her that first real lick, it was all over. I was lost in her and her pleasure was all that mattered.

It wasn’t long before her body started to shake all over as she approached her first orgasm. Her movements were so violent that they could almost be taken for a mild seizure. I knew the feeling well as this is also how I react to to the abundance of so many pleasurable sensations. With a wry smile Roland said to me, “Don’t kill her!” I replied with a wicked little laugh, but our beautiful Diva reassured us both by looking at me with pleading eyes and said, “Don’t stop!!” Little did she know that there were NO worries of that anytime soon!

She had been lying at the foot of the bed with me on my knees between her legs, but it became uncomfortable after a bit. I raised my head and motioned for her to move further up the bed. While she adjusted, I stripped off my panties as well. Once she was repositioned, I climbed onto the bed and moved in again. I placed my hands on her thighs, spread her legs wide, and leaned in to continue.

I was up on my knees with my ass in the air and my face buried in her pussy. This was too much for Roland to resist so he took this opportunity to move in behind me and began fingering my cunt. I was so turned on by my own actions that when he touched me it was as if he had electricity in his fingers. He barely grazed my throbbing clit and my whole body spasmed. I moaned loudly with her clit in my mouth, causing her hips to buck up at me. It was a daisy chain of pleasure. His ardent attention to my clit made me pull away from her reflexively as I was overcome by the sensations. As amazing as he knew it felt to me, he could tell that it was too distracting for me to be played with while I was pleasuring her. He backed off and lay down on the bed next to us so he could just watch.

I wish I had the words to describe how delectable her juices were to me. How heavenly her aroma. I simply could not get enough, and not only because I’d been in a bit of a pussy drought. Every woman tastes different, every pussy is unique. And in my experience, they have all been wonderfully delicious. However, my Diva was something special. At the risk of stumbling into overworn cliches, she was as sweet nectar and ambrosia on my tongue.

All time was lost as I had her writhing and moaning while I lashed and lapped at her with my eager tongue. Her cries of pleasure interspersed with occasional giggles fed my frenzy and unleashed the monster I become when I am between a woman’s legs. My fingers teased and probed, pressing ever deeper. Her orgasms caused her to clench my hand so hard I thought my bones would break. At last I gave into her pleas for mercy, for just a chance to catch her breath. Somehow they penetrated into my fog. Reluctantly, I pulled away from her clit.

I slowly made my way up the bed so that I was again on top of her, taking in her blissed-out expression and her flushed face. I grinned wickedly and licked her lips. The only words she could manage were, “Wow, oh fuck, wow.” I stilled her attempts at speech with a long, lingering kiss, after which I fell to the bed beside her. I trailed my fingertips over her lightly, watching as gooseflesh appeared and she shivered almost convulsively.

It was at this time that I remembered my poor, darling Roland. After his earlier participation, he had faded so quietly into the background, allowing my greedy domination of our Diva. I knew he liked watching me in action and I could see in his grin that he had especially enjoyed tonight’s display. Knowing it was now his turn, I said to him, “I really think what she needs right now is your magnificent cock.” Looking down to to her for agreement, she bit her lip and nodded her head.

He was already undressed and to be ready all he had to do was roll on a condom from the tin on the bedside table. His cock was standing at attention and the condom went on quickly. I lifted up her shoulder and moved to sit behind her so that she was between my legs. Being that she is a feisty one, I grabbed both of her arms and pinned her to my lap. I leaned down for another kiss and searched her eyes for any sign of non-consent. It was no surprise that I found none although she’d only had a very short rest.

With his prick leading the way, he climbed onto the bed and parted her legs, which she had closed and stretched out. Pushing her thighs back and opening her legs into a V, he moved between her legs and deftly entered her. Her body tensed and she uttered a low moan. He only pressed in about halfway, as he is longer than average and most cannot take him all at once right away. Watching his cock sliding into her, knowing exactly how those first few moments feel, also made me moan as if it were me.

Almost gently at first he swung back his hips so that his cock almost left her pussy, leaving in only the tip. Then he brought his hips forward again, going just a little bit deeper this time. She shuddered and moaned again, the previously-fading flush returning to her cheeks. With each thrust, he stepped up the pace and the depth to which he delved. Finally he attained a smooth rhythm and was pounding her pussy almost with the same vigor that he pounds mine. He had not yet begun to fuck her as hard as he fucks me, but I could sense his growing excitement. She was about to get his all.

I took turns watching his face, his cock, and her face. My eyes couldn’t stay in any one spot for too long as I wanted to be able to soak it all in. Although he and I have been with many women together, this was a vantage point I’d never experienced. In many ways, it felt as if he was fucking me through her and I wanted him to really give it to her. Now that I wasn’t submerged in her myself, this is what it was all about for me. I gave him a slight nod of encouragement and he really got into the swing of it.

Because I knew she liked to feel as if she was being restrained, liked to pretend that there was a fight, I pulled her arms back tighter. She responded by trying to pull them away. I savagely pressed my lips against hers and snatched her lip up with my teeth. She whimpered and sighed, melting back into my lap.

Roland lifted her stockinged legs and pulled them against his chest, allowing the smooth fabric to briefly rub against his cheek because stockings are a big fetish for him. She responded by lifting up her hips to meet his increasing thrusts. I could tell by his ruddy cheeks that his climax would be soon. She was thrashing beneath him, indicating that she would be cumming soon as well.

He had been giving her his full length for some time now and she could not contain her cries, which were a divine mix of agony and ecstasy. Finally her whole body seized up in a paroxysm of exploding pleasure. She cried out loudly. As soon as her orgasm was evident, Roland’s face contorted, he gnashed his teeth and came himself. With every wave that overtook him, he thrust hard into her again and again she screamed. If I could climax from such things, I would have as well.

Once Roland’s convulsions had subsided, he eased himself out of her pulsing cunt, taking care not to tear or lose the filled condom. He briefly excused himself to the restroom to remove it and quickly clean up, then returned to us and collapse on the bed. I lifted her up again and slid down to snuggle up beside her. She beamed up at me and Roland. Her satisfaction caused her face to glow. Her eyes danced even brighter than before and her smile dazzled me.

By this time, it was very late, or early in the morning depending on your perspective, so we could only bask in the wonderful glory of our time together. The sun would be rising in just over 2 hours. Our darling Diva had to take leave of us. Roland and I got up to help her gather her clothes, which had been strewn about. She had planned ahead by bringing comfy clothes to wear home, rather than putting herself back into her clubwear.

While she dressed, we all exchanged promises to keep in touch after she returned home to Berlin the day after next. There was no doubt about the bond that had been forged over the course of the week and had been sealed that evening. At last it was time for her to go. She kissed us both sweetly and disappeared into the pre-dawn darkness.

Delectable Diva – part 3

(If you’re behind, you want to go here for part one, and here for part two)

I was full of anxious antici… PATION (sorry, couldn’t resist!) all day at work on Friday. I don’t think the day could have dragged on any longer. I was planning on ducking out at least half an hour early, but my supervisor was hovering in the parking lot having an after-hours conversation with a guy from another department. So instead I spent some time shopping for shoes online.  Since I was very disappointed at not getting a new outfit the night before, I thought I would compensate by picking up a new pair of shoes. Payless had a really cute pair of high-heeled Mary Janes that looked like they would go very well with the outfit I had planned.

Imagine my displeasure when I get there and see them in person, only to find out that the non-leather parts are this nappy fabric that would obviously pick up so much lint that they would soon be gray. In fact, the material reminded me of a lint brush! I am very particular about shoes and there wasn’t anything else in which I was interested, so I left and went home.
I’d been craving sushi for at least a week, so Roland and I headed over to my favorite sushi restaurant, Sushi Cafe. Their sushi is always very fresh and tasty, never fishy. Also the service has always been very prompt and friendly, in addition to the laid-back environment. I ordered my usuals: a dancing eel roll, a green dragon roll, a baby octopus nigiri, and a surf clam nigiri. Knowing what the night had in store, I also ordered some hot sake! Roland  is not really a big fan, but the waitress misunderstood that the sake was just for me, so she brought out the large, 2-person serving. Roland  did have one cup, but the rest was all mine. And gladly! We enjoyed our dinner and by the time we were done, I was feeling very warm and buzzy. The evening was off to a great start!
There were still a couple of hours to kill since we wouldn’t be meeting at the club until 10pm, so I surfed around the web for a bit until it was time to go shower and get ready. My lingering sake buzz helped me to not be so nervous. Also, I was chatting online with my girl, Jane, who decided that she wanted to come out and join us at the club as well. I knew our Diva wouldn’t mind, as she is of a friendly sort. Finally it was time to go shower and get ready.
After I got out of the shower, I took a bit of time to carefully apply my makeup. I was most self-conscious about this part of getting ready for a couple of reasons. Our Diva was a bona fide burlesque performer, so I knew she could do makeup to perfection. And I planned on wearing false eyelashes, something at which I’d heretofore been mostly unsuccessful. Amazingly enough, I got all of my makeup applied with almost zero frustration and outbursts or tears. That’s really a rare occurrence for me. I was extremely pleased with the results.
Now came the time to get dressed. The outfit I’d selected for the evening was a cute pink and black plaid skirt and corset top ensemble I’d picked up from Torrid forever ago along with some black lace-topped thigh-high stockings with bows and black lacy panties underneath. The final touch were some chunky black platform heels. I didn’t really do much with my hair except pin it up and back on both sides with little hair clips. I was ready to go.
Because I took so long getting ready, we were running about half an hour to 45 minutes late. We had no idea what time the supposed burlesque show was going to start, but most importantly, I felt bad about keeping our Diva waiting. Thankfully Roland  had texted her so that she would not be concerned that we were standing her up.  It was no surprise to me that when we found her inside, she was surrounded by a group of people. Upon looking up to see  Roland and I approaching, she beamed and quickly excused herself from the group to meet us halfway.
Had I recounted this evening a lot sooner after it happened, right here I would be able to describe in detail exactly what she was wearing. However, as time has faded some minor details of that night, all I can tell you is that she was gorgeous in mostly black, including a corset, skirt and thigh-high stockings with an adorable fascinator in her luxurious red hair. All of those details are eclipsed by what I have been unable to forget: her bright, dancing eyes; her exuberant smile with a hint of wickedness; and her big, infectious laugh.  Roland introduced us and we immediately embraced, which involved me bending down because she was a fair bit shorter than I, especially since I am naturally tall and was wearing platform heels while she was in flats. 
The three of us moved over to the bar, ordered drinks, and took seats on the bar stools so she and I could finally talk face-to-face. I was still nervous but completely captivated by her. We really didn’t get to chat for long because the show was about to begin. Once the show began, we left Roland at the bar to wait for Jane so we move to a better vantage point from which to watch. There were some booths on a raised platform across from the stage, so we grabbed one of those. Roland and Jane joined us only moments later.
The so-called burlesque show doesn’t really bear mentioning other than that is what gave us the opportunity to meet up with our Diva. The performances were lackluster and the hostess/MC was pretty drunk. I was actually embarrassed that it was all our town had to offer in the way of this form of entertainment, considering Diva actually performs in top-notch, real burlesque shows herself. But I think she got a kick out of it anyway.
After the show ended, they were playing our favorite 90s gothy dance songs, so she and I took to the dance floor for a bit. We danced for long enough to make us both flushed, a bit sweaty and very thirsty. We returned to our drinks, Roland and Jane in the booth. Right about then, the music changed and we all decided to move out to the patio for a change of scenery and to get some fresh air.
Outside, we could actually hear ourselves talk, so it gave Diva and I a chance to really talk. The more we talked, the more enamored with her I became. As it turns out, she and I shared a wealth of almost overlapping history and a mutual circle of friends due to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It seems that I entered our local scene right about the time she was getting out of it. As with many things resulting from RHPS, I felt a bond being forged between us. I felt that the time for getting to know each other verbally was coming to a close because I could no longer resist the need to get to know her carnally.

His words – Breaking T

As I’ve mentioned a few times recently, the weekend before last, I made my first trip ever to a public dungeon. While I have not yet had a chance to detail the experience in my own words, I give you now the words of my love about the evening in question. Please look for my perspective shortly.

The sights and sounds washed over us as we crossed the threshold of the dungeon. The sharp crack of leather on flesh and cries of ecstatic pain penetrated through the din of the crunchy guitar chords piped in via the soundsystem. Everywhere there were toys being used – of both the inanimate and the human varieties.

In the far corner an older fellow in a kilt and tall boots was flogging a nearly naked woman’s back on the St. Andrew’s Cross. Near the door another woman was laid face down on a table with her legs open while her partner tortured her thighs and nether regions with firm, bare-handed slaps. In the center of the room, the dungeon’s owner was suspending two nude ladies in a lattice-work of white ropes from a metal hook hanging down from the ceiling.

For everyone in our group, this was our first trip to the Woodshed, and it was a lot for us all to take in. The more vanilla and inexperienced among us simply had to find a safe place to stand and soak it up for a bit. Others in our group, however, felt like children stepping into the biggest candy store they had ever seen. My girl, T, was of course among this latter group.

It was a busy Saturday night, so all of the stations were currently in use. This was probably for the best as there was so much to absorb, and this gave everyone time to process everything we were seeing and hearing. Eventually, however, the kilted gentleman unbound his partner from the cross. The scene had ended and he wrapped her lovingly in a blanket and led her away to the couches.

As a group, the seven of us made our way over to the now vacant cross. Nearby was an old-fashioned shoe-shine bench used for bootblacking. I perched there for a better view of the happenings in the room and watched as my girl helped prepare her intended victim for a beating. Once her friend was in place, T turned to me and asked if she could be next on the Cross – with my hand swinging the toys. I agreed, then settled back to alternately watch the scene in front of me and to scan the room for other ongoing scenes.

I was watching a young athletic fellow flog a naked blonde on a nearby pommel horse when I heard T call my name. She had finished with her friend and was now ready to take her place. I stepped down to examine the spread of toys that she had been using. I still had limited experience with inflicting pain on her so we discussed the implements and the nuances of each. She also advised me of the order in which she might prefer to receive them.

While I continued to survey the toys, she removed her blouse and skirt, revealing a black bra and delicate black lace panties that perfectly framed her round cheeks. Black thigh-high stockings completed the look. The bra came off as well before she turned her back to me and cradled her head in her own arms against the hard wood of the Cross.

As a starter I grabbed the smallest flogger, which was appropriately black and blue leather. I stepped back and began striking her about the shoulders for a warm up. The flogger was light and speedy, but didn’t give me a very satisfying feeling when it impacted her bare flesh. I tried different angles, different speeds, and switching my target area to her smooth ass cheeks. I needed something bigger. Heavier.

I picked up the next flogger in line, which had soft purple and black buckskin tails twice as long as the previous one, and gave it a few test swings on my open palm. Then I returned my attention to her backside. More rhythmic slapping of soft leather on softer skin. Her shoulders were becoming slightly rosy, as were the cheeks hanging out of the black lace panties. But it still wasn’t enough.

The next flogger I chose was one that I had used on her just a few days prior – Valentine’s Day to be exact. This is one that I liked best and was most comfortable with. It was heavier and thicker than the other two, made from black leather suede with tails a couple of inches shorter than the last. I continued the beating. After a few minutes, I paused and pulled one of her pigtails back so that I could kiss her on the lips. Then I rubbed her down and continued the flogging. I changed pace and technique. Up to this point I had been using forward and backhand swings. Now I gathered the tails of the flogger in to my free hand instead and snapped it on her ass – much like popping someone with a rolled up towel.

She jumped, and the dungeon faded into the background.

I lost track of time as I continued to make her dance and writhe on the cross. Angry red blotches began to appear on her ass as I continued to pop it with the flogger. I don’t know where I was – I found a place inside my head that I had never visited before. It was scary and dark, but also warm and relaxing.

From the flogger I moved to the leather paddle. It made a gratifying slapping sound each time it impacted her rosy cheeks and the backs of her thighs. Her dance had begun to be more frantic as each impact caused her to reflexively shift away from me, but I held her firmly to the wood.

I gave up the paddle in favor of the riding crop now, precision-stinging tender spots – the angry red blotches on her ass, the inside of the thigh. She raised her foot as I struck the back of her knee. I struck the back of the other knee, and again the foot came up off the floor as a new step was added to her dance. I grabbed her outstretched ankle and popped the bottom of her foot with the crop. She pulled away – almost completely away from the Cross.

I placed my hand on the back of her neck. I leaned in close and uttered a single word just loud enough for her to hear.


Something between a sigh and a moan escaped her lips as she lowered her head into her arms and visibly melted into the wood of the St. Andrew’s Cross.

The beating continued with the riding crop – much the same as it had before, but this time, her flinching dance had ceased completely. After a few more minutes I sensed that she had enough and I gently caressed her pink shoulders, rubbed the bruised cheeks, and turned her towards me to kiss her gently and hold her.

She gazed up into my eyes for a long moment.

“What’s that look for?” I asked.

“Don’t you know this face?” she asked in return.

“No. Tell me.”

“This is my ‘worshipping you’ face,” she stated.

“Prove it,” I demanded, as I stepped back and pointed to the floor between us.

Slowly, she got down on her knees, then looked up at me expectantly.

“Kiss them,” I commanded, pointing at my shoes.

Without a word or a second of hesitation, the brassiest, most independent woman I’ve ever known, prostrated herself before me.

Even now, reading this for the countless time, it still makes me giggle and glow. And want to curl up at his feet where I belong.

Follow along to my perspective of those events.

Delectable Diva – part 2

Immediately after I got off work, I went home to pick him up and we went out to dinner with his parents, which is the tradition for Wednesday evenings. It also served to dampen my lust just a bit. Dinner was followed by a trip to three different Walmarts in search of a particular board game for our Saturday night NYE game night, and finally a return home.
It was almost bedtime, so I was in the bedroom, about to get undressed for the bed. I was standing next to the bed when Roland came up behind me and started kissing my neck. My neck is one of those “instant on” erogenous zones of my body. Immediately I get wet, even with the barest touch of his lips. It was unexpected so that makes my reaction even stronger. Instantly my flesh was covered in chill bumps and a moan escaped me. I reached up to the archway for balance because it also made me feel light-headed at the rush.
He continued to kiss and nibble my neck, quickly moving to breathe in my ear and bite at my earlobe. Less than 60 seconds after he first touched me and I was already putty in his hands, which he then reached around me to squeeze and play with my breasts and nipples. With each squeeze, my pussy contracted and my clit twitched. His hands work magic on my body, I’m telling you!
Next he deftly stripped us both of all of our clothes, allowing them to pool at our feet. He trailed his fingertips and fingernails all over my body, making me jump and writhe and moan and gasp. Every inch of my skin felt electrified. At this point I was practically clinging to the archway to hold myself up, wishing desperately for a cross to which I could be attached and lean against. Little did I know how much weaker I was about to be!
Very suddenly after all of those teasingly light caresses, he gave my right ass cheek a resounding SLAP! I felt wetness drip from my pussy lips. He immediately followed with another smack to the left cheek. Apparently that was just a warning to me, because from that point he slapped one and then the other, back and forth and sometimes more than once on the same cheek until I couldn’t stand still. Hell, I could barely stand.
I asked him then if I could move to the bed and he answered by leading me there. I crawled onto the edge of the bed, assuming the position: ass up, face down. He resumed his swats, giving me the most thorough spanking I have had in years! My poor tushy was on fire! Tears welled in my eyes and it wasn’t long before I was whimpering and even flinching in anticipation of the next hit.
Because he knows me so well and reads me and my body like a book, despite being an almost complete novice at spanking, he stopped right at the moment when I was beginning to seriously wonder if I would be able to take any more. He dragged his nails across my raw and tender cheeks. And then admired his handiwork.
“Baby, you should see how red your ass is. I can’t believe how marked up you are!” This prompted me to tell him that he needed to get my camera to take some pictures. Once he got a couple of nice ones, he showed them to me. My heart leapt with glee, as it had been a very long time indeed since my ass had been lit up like that!

We put the camera down and then he moved up behind me on the bed, his magnificent cock rock hard and ready. He pushed his cock into my drenched pussy and again I moaned, very loudly. I loved the way it felt when he pressed up against my tingling ass. With each thrust his pelvis smacked against me, keeping the pain fresh.
Unfortunately, I was not able to remain on my knees for long since I’d already been there for a while and my bad hip started screaming at me. That’s not a good pain at all! So he flipped me over, spread my legs wide, and shoved himself inside of me again. Now instead of his pelvis against my cheeks, I felt the friction of the sheets underneath as I moved with his rhythm.
The novelty of our new activities didn’t leave much of a need for anything to enhance the excitement, but I wanted some dirty talk anyway. We exchanged dirty snippets of details from the night before to egg each other on. Thinking about another man’s cock inside me only made him fuck me harder. Finally with a jerking spasm, Roland shot his hot orgasm into my pussy. I felt it spill over and run down the crack of my ass.
By this time it was well past our bedtime, so Roland crawled to his side of the bed and was soon asleep. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and perform my bedtime tasks of brushing my teeth and hair. Also, I had to spend some time admiring my rosy-red ass. Normally my skin will mark well, but it always fades quickly, so I wanted to enjoy it while I could!
The next morning, it all seemed a bit like a dream and I’d mostly forgotten it. Until I staggered from the bed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet for my morning pee. Youch! I was still tender! After I finished my business, I again looked in the mirror. If anything, my marks were darker than they were the night before! All along the crack of my ass and at the outer edge of my cheeks was bruised and red. I couldn’t believe it!
My ass was too tender to sit for more than half an hour at a time all the next day at work. I would sit for a bit and then stand for a bit. Basically sitting until my ass hurt and then standing until my back started to ache. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. I would text Roland periodically throughout the day, to share my progress. And of course my pussy throbbed right along with my cheeks. Nothing makes me hornier than to be physically reminded by my body of previous abuse, hehe.
Before going to sleep the night before, I had asked him if we could go shopping to buy me a new outfit to wear out the next evening. His/our new friend had invited us to a fetish/burlesque show at a local nightclub. I was anxious to meet her and wanted to look hot. So after work on Thursday afternoon, we headed to the mall in hopes of finding a sexy new outfit for me. Unfortunately, it was an almost fruitless search. I was able to get two pairs of hot thigh-high stockings to go with a sexy outfit I’ve had for a while and don’t wear often, mostly because I’d forgotten about it.
There was no frisky playtime that night, because we were both tired after a long day. And I think we both wanted to save up our sexual energies for our hot date the following evening! I did make my first actual direct contact with her, though. I was getting nervous at the thought of meeting someone and trying to dress up to impress her. As a performer in burlesque shows herself, I considered her to be something of an expert and I was a bit intimidated by the possibility of her scorn. So I emailed her to ask if she had plans prior to the show, to see if she wanted to come over and help me get ready. Also I figured it would give us some low-pressure casual time to talk and get acquainted in a comfortable environment. Unfortunately she said that, while she would normally love the idea, she did actually already have plans beforehand and would be meeting us at the club. I thanked her anyway and told her how much I was looking forward to it.
Try as I might, I could not quell the butterflies in my tummy throughout my work day on Friday! All I could think about was the evening ahead and all of the prospects it held.

Delectable Diva – part 1

It began Monday evening when I said to my love, “As you know, tomorrow night, I will be seeing my Seth. Since the teenager is out of the house and you will be home alone, perhaps you should find a girl to entertain.”
“You know I won’t be able to do that,” he replied. “I’ll probably sit in front of the computer until I’m too bored to stay awake and then I’ll go to bed.”
The next morning, however, I received an email in which he tells me that he decided to test the waters anyway. Lo and behold, he chanced upon a lady who happened to be in town visiting relatives for the holiday and had a free evening. He linked me to her profile and for a few moments while I devoured every detail contained therein, I was sincerely disappointed that I would not be available to meet her that evening as well, because she seemed divine. I gave him my full blessing to go wherever the evening took them, only giving the rules that he must be protected and that I get all details later.
I went directly from work that afternoon to the hotel room I’d booked for myself and Seth, all the while thinking of what would be transpiring elsewhere with my love. Although my Seth was very sweet, eager and earnest, the details of my evening don’t bear repeating, as it was wholly unsatisfying and disappointing. I feel terrible for saying that, though, because it was through no fault of his. It’s just that he is very vanilla and my tastes are far kinkier these days. I’ve found that I’m far more interested in spice than sugar, which I didn’t fully realize until that night. I would never be able to tell him that, because I think it would break his heart. He may very well be the sweetest boy I’ve ever known and I would never do anything to intentionally hurt him.
Since I’d gone from work to the hotel room and then back to work the following morning, Ron and I did not get the chance to talk about the events of our separate evenings beyond the text he sent just after midnight: “I wore that bitch out! ;)” Instead we exchanged details via email:
to me:
You said you wanted details.
We met for dinner at 7:00 as planned. She had shrimp alfredo and I had stuffed flounder. It was pretty tasty. She can’t get hushpuppies in Berlin, so Gene’s wasn’t a bad choice. We made small talk about international travel, dating on OkCupid, FetLife, and what we do for a living – turns out she’s a singer who can do opera, ska/punk and swing.
After dinner we came back to the house to play Pirate Fluxx (turns out she loves to Fluxx). After three games of calling each other Captain and saying “arr matey” to draw extra cards, I asked if she wanted to play again or do something else. She said “That’s up to you, Captain.”
I asked her if she wanted to wrestle (she had mentioned it earlier during dinner) and she agreed.
I led her by the hand to the bedroom and we began making out standing at the foot of the bed. Before long however, we were rolling around on the bed, kissing, biting, sucking, and pulling at each others’ clothing. I had her naked first and pinned her down and fingered her to orgasm. Round one went to me. 🙂
When she recovered I allowed her to wrestle the rest of my clothes off. I fucked her face until she gagged, then put on a condom and entered her. I fucked her pussy deep and hard with one of her legs over my shoulder. We rolled around a bit and ended up doggy style with her watching my reflection until I came.
We rested for a bit. She got frisky again and started trying to tickle me. I wouldn’t have any of that! So I wrestled her into position and spanked her bare white ass into submission. Then I rolled her onto her back and fucked her again. She moaned and writhed underneath me as my cock reached deep inside her cunt, stimulating her where most cocks can’t reach. She came again (she later said that it was the first time she’s had a cervical orgasm from fucking). I came again.
More small talk while we rested. She started to get frisky again – provoking me by poking me in the sides. More making out. She asked me if I would take her from behind, so I obliged. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to finish, as I was a bit raw by this point. I went deep, and changed pace a few times, smacking her raw ass a few times for good measure, pushing her down into the mattress, ass up, head down. It took a while, but I finally finished – she didn’t seem to mind how long it took. 😉
After she came back from the bathroom, she flopped down and said “Congratulations, I’m exhausted!”
It was about midnight at this point, and time for her to go home (she had an appointment with her sister to do her hair at 10:00am). So she got dressed and we kissed goodnight at the front door.
to him:
Yeah, you definitely had WAY more fun than I did. I won’t even bore you with details.
to me:
Aww. I’m sorry baby. Did you have any fun at all? You at least got to enjoy being worshipped, right?
to him:
Fun? Meh, not really. He did worship me, but it wasn’t anywhere close to what you do. If you’ve ruined me for other men, I just don’t know what I’m going to do. 😛
to me:
I wasn’t aware that anything I do is ‘worship’. Hmm.
While I did intend to ruin you for other men in general, I didn’t mean to ruin *everything* for you with other men. 😉
to him:
Whether you intend to or not, your touch feels like worship and adoration.
I spent the rest of the day aching and horny, longing for the touch of his hands and his magnificent cock. Little did I know then just how much of both I would be getting later on!


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