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The unsexy side of sex

Last month a fellow sex blogger made a very brave post (which was removed after only a few hours at the request of her boyfriend, unfortunately) about her discovery that she had contracted genital warts. Understandably, her emotions ran the gamut: hurt, anger, embarrassment, fear, guilt. And most of all, shame. That was the part that really got me. So I reached out to her to share my story so she wouldn’t feel so alone. I sent her a very long email detailing my experiences. 

What follows is that email edited into a blog post. I’ve cleaned up the narrative a bit, and taken out a few things that were directed at her personally, but the general content remains the same. I’ve also tried to include links to facts and resources if you would like to look further for more information. My goal here is try to take some of the fear and shame out of these things, to try to de-stigmatize it as much as one person can.

Of everything I have shared up until this point and everything that will be shared after today, nothing as ever filled me with as much trepidation as sharing this.



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