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TMI Tuesday – Strip for me, I’ll strip for you

Thank you to Andee for submitting this week’s TMI Tuesday questions.

Strip for me, I’ll strip for you

1. Have you ever danced naked in front of anyone? What prompted the experience?
Yes, on many occasions. At first it was probably prompted by an excess of alcohol. However, in later years I did it just because it’s hot!
2. Have you been to a strip club? Was it what you expected?
I have been to many strip clubs many times. It’s been so long since my first time, that I can’t even begin to remember what my initial expectations were. A long time ago, I was hanging out with/fucking this guy with whom I worked. He was a bartender, I was a cocktail waittress. After work almost every night and on our nights off, we would go to this one strip club called Wacko’s. He spent so much money in there that they used to call him the Mayor of Wacko’s. Not only did he not believe in tipping with singles, he tipped based on songs and his favorite bands. The girls knew “his” music and would fight over who got to dance to it. He always paid for drinks, and I got several lap dances each night. It was good to be friends with the Mayor!
3. Have you ever been to an “amateur night” at a strip club?
Now that I think about it, I don’t know that I have. However, there are always so many new girls that almost any night can be an amateur night.
4. Do you think strip clubs are exploitative or are they misunderstood as simple adult entertainment venues?
In general, I do not feel they are exploitative. They present an opportunity for women to make a good, honest living. However, I find it sad that so many women feel as if becoming a dancer is their only option, due to lack of education or other reasons. In that way, there are venues that can be exploitative because they take advantage of the girls who feel they have no other choice. 
5. Would you ever consider stripping to pay for college or other expenses?
Actually, in my fresh adulthood I applied at several places. The very first place I ever applied was actually Wacko’s, although I quickly rescinded the application. I was barely 18 in the summer after high school graduation. Back then I was not the brazen chick you all know now. I was still a bit inhibited and very naive. My 31-year-old biker boyfriend (Yes, really. He was my date for the senior prom!) took me in there and I thought I could do it. That is, until I saw the girl on stage lick her own nipple. Believe it or not, that was enough to scare me away! I thought I’d never be able to do something like that. Haha, if only that sweet, young girl could see me now!
6. Have you ever given your partner a private dance?
Oh yes, many times. I think it is very erotic to dance and do a striptease for your partner.
7. Would you ever perform a lap dance for a complete stranger?
Under the right circumstances, perhaps. I can’t say for sure that I haven’t done it before. I’ve given a lot of highly inebriated lap dances in public places before. 🙂
8. Showgirls, Strip Tease, Magic Mike … What is the sexy Hollywood stripper scene you have ever YouTubed?

To tell the truth, the only Hollywood stripper scene I have ever YouTubed was Channing Tatum’s dance to “My Pony” by Ginuwine. And that was mostly so I could find out what that song that had been stuck in my head since seeing the movie was! Watching him dance was incredibly hot! My BFF and I were like, “OMG, can I just be the floor, please???”
Although I haven’t seen it in a long while, so I can’t say for sure if it holds up, my favorite stripper movie ever is Exotica starring Mia Kirshner, Bruce Greenwood, and Elias Koteas. I need to see that again!

Bonus: Do you have a stripper fantasy, that given the chance of not being found out, you would turn into a reality?
The only stripper fantasy I have involves me having the physique to be able to do it myself, including all of those nifty pole tricks. I am a sucker for pole tricks! Being found out or not has no bearing on it at all.
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

Wanton Wednesday – Taking it all off

For my first foray into Wanton Wednesday I am happy to see that the theme is for animated gifs. A long, long time ago, when I was just discovering what a smutty, voyeuristic, exhibitionist girl I am, I had a friend take some photos of me and make them into an animated gif. He directed every pose. These were taken and combined on April 29, 1999.

So young and innocent. Did I really think this was sexy?
Ahh, the days of old. I made this for a man I was talking to in Alaska, who thoroughly enjoyed it.

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