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wanton wednesday

Wanton Wednesday – Backyard bliss

This is a piece I actually wrote almost 2 years ago, when I first decided I wanted to give sex blogging a shot. I recently borrowed a new, better mic from a friend and I wanted to test it out. I thought this would be perfect for a test recording. It went so well that I want share it with everyone today.

Please join me for some:
Backyard bliss

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Wanton Wednesday – For her

So far I have 3 recordings under my belt. Two were recorded as gifts for Harper Eliot, the first of which is hers to do with as she pleases. On Saturday I posted the third. Today I am giving you the second, because she agreed that it must be shared. Or in her exact response to my request for posting it, “The morning wake up? Hell yes. More people need to hear your fabulous words from your fabulous mouth.” Considering that I would swear honey drips from her lips when she speaks, that compliment put me over the moon.

At any rate, perfect for Wanton Wednesday is my reading of the Twitter seduction of/for this same delightful, delicious, deviant lass.

For her

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Wanton Wednesday – Dark Conference

I just realized that I could barely squeak this in for Wanton Wednesday.

Earlier today, I was listening to an amazingly delicious Climax by the always alluring Mia Lee. When it was over, I remembered a recording I’d made at work in December. I’m a big fan of the #workwank, but since I work in a cubicle amongst 24 other cubicles, I usually have to keep it down.

the cubicle farm where this slut is trapped all day
All of my team members are gone by 4pm, so that is usually the magic hour for me. However, it is quiet like a library or a vault and sound really carries. One evening while I was working late before the holidays, I decided to go into a dark conference room to make an audio recording of my wank.

Dark Conference

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Wanton Wednesday – Taking it all off

For my first foray into Wanton Wednesday I am happy to see that the theme is for animated gifs. A long, long time ago, when I was just discovering what a smutty, voyeuristic, exhibitionist girl I am, I had a friend take some photos of me and make them into an animated gif. He directed every pose. These were taken and combined on April 29, 1999.

So young and innocent. Did I really think this was sexy?
Ahh, the days of old. I made this for a man I was talking to in Alaska, who thoroughly enjoyed it.

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